The Walking Dead marathon: The appeal of the marathon

Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC
Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC /

The Walking Dead marathon. Fans go crazy when they hear the news about a super long viewing session of The Walking Dead scheduled to show on AMC or they turn on the TV to find one on in progress.  What’s the appeal of a marathon? It can’t be the commercials. Although this marathon, there are actually great Fear the Walking Dead previews and teasers!

The Walking Dead wasn’t named “most binge-worthy show” for nothing. The nature of the show leads you to want the next episode as soon as the one you’re watching ends. It’s binge-worthy status has made it a show that people can catch up on through Netflix, if they want to join The Walking Dead fandom. I joined mid season 3.

Netflix also gives fans the opportunity to host their own marathons almost anytime, anyplace, so again, what’s the appeal of the AMC marathon? The Walking Dead Family! Connection. In a world of DVD, DVR Amazon Instant and Netflix, we don’t always feel that same connection to the rest of the world that we did when a show was on once; if you missed it, you missed it.

With a marathon a new connection is made within the new 21st century structure.  We know that thousands of people are watching at the exact same time as we are. Just the fact that it’s on, lures us. We feel pulled to watch in a way that we don’t always feel pulled to put in the DVD or turn on Netflix.

Social media has brought an extra dimension to the marathon. With one hashtag, we all become part of the same living room, in front of the same television set. It’s like a huge Walking Dead slumber party or a Walking Dead sports bar with jumbo screens on every wall, which, by the way, is something that should exist!

On Twitter, fans can Tweet their reactions, their favorite moments and quotes. We discuss new levels of understanding of characters and symbolism or foreshadowing. Yes, we dissect everything! And we use our English class skills from school!

With a marathon, as opposed to new episodes, when the reactions are all brand new, most Tweeters have seen the episodes multiple times so nostalgia and humor gets injected into the mix. Zombie humor! Stuff and thangs! Remembering our thoughts and reactions from when we first saw a scene or episode.

Marathons are where many fans have met their Walking Dead Twitter pals. I met many on my first marathon Tweet session last New Year. Find insightful comments or funny quips and hit reply or favorite or retweet and a Twitter spark is ignited.

Marathons also keep fans going during the time known as Walker Withdrawals. A way to deal with the long stretches of time when we miss our Walking Dead family.

Do you look forward to a Walking Dead marathon? What’s the appeal for you? Did I hit on any of your reasons or am I off the mark?

We still have 2 more Sundays in the 5 Sundays/5 Seasons marathon. Then we wait for the New Year with an extra part of season 6 added to the mix. Soon we’ll even have Fear the Walking Dead marathons. Gives new meaning to “stay-cations”!

Next: Season 6 Planner!

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