The Walking Dead: Cast enjoys time off over the holidays

Pine branch. Pixabay.
Pine branch. Pixabay. /

On AMC’s The Walking Dead the group is surviving. On their time off, the cast doesn’t just survive, they live! The cast enjoyed time with friends and family and did some living over the holidays.

If you follow any of the cast, crew, producers and walkers from The Walking Dead on social media, you were wished happy holidays and enjoyed sharing the New Year and the AMC 12 Days of Dead Giveaway and the marathons over the last several weeks.

You may have also seen some nice pictures of vacation spots and other interesting posts from our The Walking Dead family. Our Twitter and Facebook followers shared pictures of their Walking Dead gifts. We’ve been keeping up with any news and speculation about the midseason premiere. We even got our trailer during the marathon!

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Let’s look at some of the interesting things our The Walking Dead family has been up to during the break. One of our favorite walkers, Chris Harrelson, a huge Star Wars fan and movie lover, saw Creed and went to see The Force Awakens several times. He participated in a few Comic Cons. He also had a beautifully decorated home.

Another favorite walker, Stephen Vining, shared a Christmas Eve tradition and started the New Year with an inspirational book.

Many of our other favorite walkers made the holidays for fans happy by sending out autographed photos and posting fun walker photos with Santa hats and New Year’s party stickers and frames.

Chandler Riggs, Ross Marquand and Steven Yeun were in Tokyo for the HollyCon Convention around the New Year.

Christian Serratos sent kisses from Mexico on her instagram at Christmas time.

Besitos back to you, Rosita! Hope you had a Feliz Navidad!

Major Dodson spent the holidays with his family at Walt Disney World! He even saw Jordan Woods-Robinson in Blue Man Group while he was there!

Lauren Cohan polar plunged into 2016!

Norman Reedus is living la vida loca with the Pura Vida people of Costa Rica.

Michael Cudlitz cant hide his bigotes (mustache) on the slopes as he enjoys his time skiing. That stache should help keep his face a little warmer though.

I’m sure many of the other cast and crew and producers have been enjoying their time off as well. These are the ones I’ve noticed on Twitter. I hope that all of our The Walking Dead family is enjoying some fun with family and friends either relaxing or living it up or a little of both before they have to get back to survival and work.

We appreciate everything they do to make the show that we love. We can’t wait to see what happens on February 14th and for the rest of season 6.