Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2 premiere date!

Daniel and Travis. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Daniel and Travis. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 will begin on April 10 and have a midseason break. It will return a little later in 2016 for the second part of the season. Plus, we get a Talking Dead for every episode!

Well, I was wrong! I guessed that they would have a short break between The Walking Dead Season 6 finale and the start of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead.  Nope. Fear will start right away, on April 10th.

The season will be broken up into 2 parts allowing for a midseason break and the infamous midseason finale. Since the season is an unusual 15 episodes instead of 16, the midseason will fall on episode 7.

The date for the midseason premiere has not been announced yet. My guess, for what it’s worth, would be sometime in August, about 8 weeks before the October 9th probable start date for season 7 of The Walking Dead.  

We don’t know much about season 2 yet except that filming has been happening in Mexico and Abigail, Victor Strand’s boat, might play a part in the group’s attempt to survive together.

The cast even has to speculate about what will happen. They don’t know until they get their scripts! This video from AMC shows some of the cast and creators of the show sharing what they think about the possibilities season 2 has for the gang in Los Angeles.

This season of Fear the Walking Dead will be different not only because the characters know about the infected now and it will be 15 episodes instead of just 6, but because, if you’ll remember, we get a Talking Dead for every episode this season!

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Chris Hardwick and celebrity fans and actors and producers from the show will help us look closer at the actions and motivations of the characters this season, We’ll get to see more behind-the-scenes interviews and insight.

That should make things much more exciting for those of us that love the show. It might even help add to the understanding and enjoyment for those who were less than enamored. Sometimes a little delving deeper into things changes perspectives.

Fear will take over our spring and summer! A great remedy for walker withdrawals. Let’s plan our spring cruise on the Love Boat together! Undead Walking will have all the scoop on the Abigail in April!