Michael Cudlitz answers questions for fans at Mohegan Sun Casino

Michael Cudlitz of AMC’S The Walking Dead sat down for a Q & A at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut with Gavin from Kiss 957 radio and dozens of fans.

One of our Twitter followers caught the event on Periscope giving us access to the great answers Michael gave to the lucky fans at the Mohegan Sun. He talked about a wide variety of subjects with Gavin and then the audience.

Michael recently returned from Cuba where he did an episode of House of Lies with his friend Don Cheadle. Michael always wanted to be an actor and feels lucky to be doing what he always wanted to do. He worked his way through school and about 10 years after school doing construction. Since he started acting, he doesn’t feel like it’s work.

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Several small random tidbits came out of the session:

Random fact: Michael used to be a big Minnesota Vikings fan and Fran Tarkenton fan. Don’t get him started on football now and free agency.

Random fact: He grew up in New Jersey.

Random fact: During the time he was working on Southland one of his son’s friends asked him what it’s like to have a famous dad. His son said, “he’s not famous; he’s just really popular right now.”

Random fact:  An audience member asked him what makes his ass itch. The answer? “Things that aren’t in order. It’s the Capricorn in me.”

Random fact:  An audience member asked where he got “Mother dick”. The answer? “They wrote it!” There’s not much ad-lib; they write his great lines!

Random fact: He could “pretty much beat the shit out of everyone on the show right now in real life.”

Random fact: I’m pretty sure Michael doesn’t think there could ever be a real zombie apocalypse.

Random fact: The zombies are the “unsung heroes” and have the longest days; he’s never tried on the Walker make up just for fun.

Random fact: He wants his death to be epic, but he doesn’t  really know what that means.

There’s too many people right now. We’re gonna fix that
When we started talking season 6B of The Walking Dead, we learned some great information. Michael said that the “next chunk of 8 episodes is by far the most intense 8 episodes we’ve had so far-by far. I mean, and it’s The Walking Dead,  it’s like shit happens, people are with us for periods of time and then they go. There’s a lot of cast members now. So everybody out there knows what that means. There’s too many people right now. We’re gonna fix that.”


Thank you Jenn Nicks and Renee L’Archeveque for your Periscopes! This was a great opportunity for us to get some insight from Michael Cudlitz during this walker withdrawal time.  The Walking Dead returns on February 14, 2016.

Featured image courtesy of Mohegan Sun Casino.