The Walking Dead Family: A surprising zombie school story

Walkers. Robert Hunt. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Walkers. Robert Hunt. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Walking Dead Family truly is an inspiring thing. The show inspired a teacher and a student. And some walkers from the show (and I) have been inspired by that English class in Massachusetts after reading an article that was shared on Twitter.

Synchronicity. Karma. My mother always said, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” The law of attraction. Whatever is at play, I’ve seen fortunate coincidence occur with The Walking Dead family quite often.

Most recently, I read an article that was retweeted by Gale Anne Hurd about a teacher who was able to get a bright student, but reluctant home reader, to start reading by making a deal with him that she would start watching his favorite show, The Walking Dead, if he would start reading at home.

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I was a high school teacher for 29 years and I loved the story. I was going to comment on the article, but you have to create an account, so I decided to find the author on Twitter instead.

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She was very kind and was shocked and thrilled to find out that Gale Anne Hurd had tweeted the article. I reached out to some of the walkers I know on Twitter and Facebook and just asked them to say hi or read the article or retweet it so Ms. Barile could show her class that real walkers tweeted her article.

Robert Hunt, the walker in the featured image with the bloody hands and dark hair, took it upon himself to make a little shout out video to Jordan and Ms, Barile’s English class. He has been communicating with Ms, Barile to coordinate other little surprises for them and even plans to Skype with them.

Skip Bartlett, “Dangle Chin” Walker, his fiancé, Amanda Beam (a walker), Chris Harrelson and Stephen Vining, two recurring main walkers, are sending autographed photos to the class. Both of Skip’s parents were teachers. Teachers run in Stephen’s family as well; his sister and brother-in-law are teachers.

Please read the article about Nancy’s class. Check out the videos Robert made and the thank you video that Nancy’s class made for Robert. I know you’re part of The Walking Dead family, too. And now part of this zombie school.

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If you’d like to send a letter to Nancy Barile’s class letting them know how lucky they are to have such a dedicated and passionate teacher, who is now a The Walking Dead fan, the school address is  Revere High School, 101 School St., Revere, MA 02151