Thoughts on The Walking Dead Magazine

The Walking Dead Magazine winter 2015
The Walking Dead Magazine winter 2015 /

There’s everything The Walking Dead these days, but did you know there’s a The Walking Dead Magazine? There is! It covers everything The Walking Dead.

The quarterly magazine from Titan magazines is 100 pages in full color in old fashioned-hold-it-in-your-hands version or on the Nook version for phones, computers and tablets.

It prices at $12 per quarter or $35.99 for a year subscription with a free T-shirt included. You can opt for the $8.99 digital version. You can even order back issues, if you really want to collect them all or see what you’ve missed.

I decided to try the digital version and I ordered straight through Barnes and Noble online. I downloaded the free Nook reading app to my tablet and I was good to go! The Barnes and Noble digital version is slightly cheaper at $7.00 with a subscription and $7.99 per issue.

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Now, let’s talk about the actual contents and look of the magazine. I was pretty pleased and had fun reading it. I am not a comic reader or a big gamer so those sections don’t mean much to me, but they are great for those people.

The Walking Dead Magazine winter 2015
The Walking Dead Magazine winter 2015 /

The magazine is great for everything The Walking Dead.  It had several exclusive interviews. This issue had Denise Huth, Robert Kirkman and Josh McDermitt.  It is very visually appealing. The articles were very well done and delved deeper and smarter than your average magazine article.

Something I thought was very impressive was the thematic nature of many of the articles that included characters and situations from games, comics and the show. For example, this issue focused on kids and the apocalypse. It addressed kids in the comics, the show and even Fear the Walking Dead.

There were fan letters, fan features and fan art, trivia, reviews, shopping, and product ideas. Everything was fresh and interesting. I originally got the magazine thinking I might find an interesting idea for an article. I did find an article idea, but not in the way I thought.

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Instead of writing about an article from the magazine, I decided to just relax and enjoy the magazine for myself and write about the whole magazine so our readers could be aware of it and enjoy it, too.

The layout and appearance of the magazine is very visually appealing. It’s not overwhelming or crowded and includes photos and graphics that are of interest to the fans.

A great feature in the Nook version is that you can see the full color magazine and read it like a magazine with swiping, but you can zoom, and you can see the thumbnail squares and contents, etc, but while you are reading an article you can go to the article view and read it in a clean page that scrolls nicely.

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So, in review the magazine is a great addition to any The Walking Dead fan’s stuff and things. It’s slightly high for a magazine, but magazines have gone up quite a bit in recent years, and the T-shirt and/or the digital version can offset that. The fan who will get the absolute most from the magazine is the one who reads the comics and watches the show.