The Walking Dead #150: Betrayed recap and review

The Walking Dead issue #150 cover art - The Walking Dead, Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue #150 cover art - The Walking Dead, Image and Skybound /

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment released issue #150 of The Walking Dead titled “Betrayed” and some really weird stuff went down on the pages.

With things really heating up on the pages of The Walking Dead‘s comic book recently, the release of issue #150, titled “Betrayed” was expected to be a game-changer of sorts. The double-sized issue released with six different covers and seemed to be one of those issues where fans should be going absolutely crazy for the content.

The community of Alexandria was rocked by the actions of Alpha and The Whisperers and nothing seems to be able to pull the people back together. There is conflict everywhere, especially between the individuals trying to decide what the next step is that Rick Grimes should be taking as a leader.

With all that going on, let’s start with by talking about what happened in issue #150 of The Walking Dead:


Rick Grimes and Eugene begin to talk about forming a military for Alexandria while it is discovered that Dwight is leaving the Sanctuary with Laura following behind him.

The next day, Rick is walking around the community when he is confronted by two hooded men who administer a beatdown. During the scuffle, one of the hoods fall down and it is revealed that the two men are Morton and Vincent. Vincent tells Morton to stop with the beatdown, and eventually tackles him to the ground. Morton reaches for Rick’s cane, and that is when Rick takes a big bite of his neck, killing Morton before losing consciousness.

The Walking Dead comic, Issue #150 - Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics
The Walking Dead comic, Issue #150 – Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics /

Back at the Grimes house, Andrea goes to check on Carl and sees him having sex with Lydia through the crack in the door. Lydia seems to be very interested in Carl’s eye socket during their lovemaking, which is unsettling. Andrea decides not to disrupt them and slowly and quietly backs away.

Maggie finds Rick and takes him to Dr. Carson. Rick tells them, along with Michonne and Jesus to go find Vincent. Meanwhile, Rick gathers his strength and walks outside, saying that the people of Alexandria “need to see me like this.”

During his talk with the townsfolk, he lets them know that he was attacked by “two of our own” and that he’s “scared of things going back to the way they were” and wants to “Move forward. Don’t go back.” Dwight and Laura enter Alexandria as Rick is talking about how the people the community are attacking themselves in frustration about what Alpha has done. Rick tells the people that an army must be formed to “wipe the Whisperers off the face of the Earth.”

Vincent is then brought up to Rick, and Rick tells him that he forgives him for what he did earlier. The entire town is chanting Rick’s name in support while Negan is shown from his cell saying “atta boy” and having great pleasure from what is going on.


I’m not sure what the shocking and groundbreaking part of this issue was. We all assumed that Rick and Alexandria would be getting revenge on Alpha and The Whisperers for what she had done building the “fence” made of human heads.

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It also can’t be that surprising that Carl and Lydia are having a physical relationship. Honestly, I assumed that had been going on for a while now considering how close the two were and how emotionally connected they are.

Perhaps the one thing out of this comic that could be a shock is the very end. The fact that Negan was pleased with what was going on leads readers to believe that Mr. Grimes has taken some of his advice on how to be a leader. Was the attack on Rick a staged attempt to unite Alexandria against The Whisperers? If so, would Rick really use the life of one of his own to bring everyone together? And why would any of this please Negan at all?

However, this does set the stage for a massive clash between the two communities. Strangely, this didn’t feel like any major issue in the series despite being super-sized or a milestone issue. Instead, we were given a solid addition to the story and setting up what could be a very interesting situation for Carl Grimes trying to decide where his allegiance lays.

We’ll find out more when Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment release The Walking Dead #151 on February 3, 2016.