Zombie mug artist meets The Walking Dead zombie make up artist


Zombie mug maker Kevin ‘Turkey’ Merck, creates amazing museum quality ceramic mugs. He is inspired by some of the incredible make up effects from The Walking Dead.

Turkey Merck is a high school teacher who does ceramic zombie mugs “on the side”. His work is stunning. While it’s easy to get distracted by the price, which is steep at $220, these mugs are not mass-produced I heart zombie mugs.

These are not for most of us to purchase. For most of us, they are to admire. Imagine walking through a fancy, very quiet, small art gallery somewhere and thinking, ” I wonder what it’s like to be able to buy something in here.” That’s what these are.

They sell out though before he starts making his limited edition small batches. If you are someone in a position to get one of these spectacular pieces, a preorder is being taken for February on Turkey’s Facebook page soon.

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Kevin Wasner is a makeup artist on The Walking Dead. I’m familiar with his name from Stephen Vining’s photos on his Facebook page. Stephen Vining plays a number of incredible and memorable walkers. He is very conscientious about mentioning the make-up artists when he posts his photos on his Facebook page.

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Kevin Merck met Kevin Wasner this year and had this to say to the Examiner about the experience: ‘The absolute coolest thing to happen to me this year was getting to hang out with Kevin Wasner, an Emmy award-winning makeup artist on The Walking Dead. He bought a zombie mug from me and I was able to deliver it to him in Peachtree City, GA where they film the series. We had lunch together and chatted about sculpting and makeup work. He was a super cool, humble dude, it was definitely the highlight of my art career.”

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Read more about Kevin Merck in this great article from the Examiner. Follow Turkey Merck Pottery on Instagram to visit the zombie mug museum of art from time to time!

***please note the completely hand made originals run from $500 and up. The $220 mugs are from a cast and then have sculpting and glaze work to make it an original. The entire description is explained here on Mr. Merck’s Facebook page.