The Walking Dead: Watch one walker’s many walkers


The walkers on The Walking Dead are amazing. We know that, but there’s even more to know. Stephen Vining has a demo reel of some of his walkers set to music that will blow your mind.

If you’re a big fan of The Walking Dead, you may be aware of big names in walkers like Greg Nicotero. You might even be aware of the zombie school that they do to hire and train walkers each year. It’s fascinating stuff.

The walkers are a huge part of the show. There are herds of them.  The make-up and the acting involved figure prominently in the show’s success. If those things weren’t as on point as they are, it would distract from the overall level of truth and emotional impact that they are able to achieve.

There are several actors who are used often as hero walkers on the series. Many of them have Facebook fan pages, do Comic-con appearances and have official AMC prints available for fans that they personalize and autograph!

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Stephen Vining is a recurring walker that you’re sure to recognize!  He’s a friend to us at Undead Walking. He has created a demo reel on YouTube of just some of his walkers that is fantastic.

The clips are set to music that is very fitting to the way he edited the clips. As I watched, what jumped out at me is that the meticulous attention to detail in The Walking Dead is so clearly worthwhile.

I noticed one walker that I had seen pictures of before (the featured image) and wondered about. I thought, “I don’t remember that walker.” You see him in the video walking into a wire.

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That happens to me quite often, I see pictures of spectacular walkers and I don’t remember them. But I realize now it’s because they are seen so quickly in the show.

Their detail is so important. Now that I know a few walkers on the internet, I watch even more closely and the acting it takes is a big deal. I remember Chandler Riggs  teasing a zombie walk once and Greg Nicotero told him he needed to keep working on it.

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People say all the time that they want to be a zombie on the show, as if it were something you could do by just showing up one day and groaning with a little blood and shredded clothing on. Watch this video and watch the walkers more closely from now on, you’ll see. They are actors!

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