Does the new Walking Dead commercial have hidden meaning?

Daryl. Promo. The Walking Dead. AMC
Daryl. Promo. The Walking Dead. AMC /

The new commercial for The Walking Dead shows an event in progress from the prologue clip where we left off with Daryl Dixon, Sasha and Abraham Ford. Is there hidden meaning behind some of the words?

It was scary enough to see the prologue after the credits last fall and to hear the name Negan said out loud. We’ve spent the holidays and winter trying to figure out how our three survivors would survive this situation.

Then just a few days ago, we got an extra glimpse into the situation. Daryl turns a gun over and Sasha tries talking to the head Savior. Abraham warns Sasha to be quiet and we learn that usually the Saviors just kill someone as their hello.

Some of our readers on social media talked about their theories as to how they thought this situation might play out. Many theories involve some help from Dwight or Jesus or Abraham’s RPG.

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Something that never came up in my discussions or my own thoughts was the importance of two particular word/phrase choices by the main Savior. Is there more meaning behind them?

Nick Venable of Cinemablend  thought about these word choices in his article about the new commercial.

When motorcycle guy talks about their usual practice of killing someone, he says they usually introduce themselves by popping one of them right off “the bat.” Is that a purposeful, clever reference by that man, or at the very least by the writers, to Negan’s Lucille?

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Then, after Abraham tells her to shut up (Rude!), Sasha tells Abraham (slowly) that she is talking to “the man”. Motorcycle guy says, “No, you’re not.” On the surface that sounds like he means that he’s not up for talking or negotiating.

But what if “the man” is the important part of that? What if he responds in some way to explain that he’s not “the man”, Negan is “the man”.

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Neither of those thoughts occurred to me when I watched the commercial. What do you think? Are either of those plausable? Did either occur to you? We’re close to a fortnight away from Valentine’s day!  Ha! I’ve always wanted to use fortnight in real life. It’s almost here!