The Walking Dead: Corey Hawkins balancing 24 and Heath

Heath, The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath, The Walking Dead - AMC /

With news of Corey Hawkins starring in the new series in the 24 universe, questions have arisen about what it could mean for Heath on The Walking Dead.

Fans of The Walking Dead haven’t gotten to know Heath very well yet. So far, we’ve seen the character played by Corey Hawkins exchange some quips with Eugene, fight some walkers with Glenn, and get in a war of words with Michonne, but there is a lot left to explore from this character if AMC’s show stays true to the comic book series.

However, with the recent news of Hawkins being cast in a major role in 24: Legacy, fans and the media are starting worry that the actor may be written off the zombie survival drama to make way for his new acting gig.

Much like when Lauren Cohan cut her hair short, any change regarding an actor or character makes fans and the media worry about the survivors that they love the most. But most of the time, it doesn’t mean anything and all that worry ends up being for nothing. Even more surprising, incidents like the one with Cohan’s hair actually coincide with what happens with her character in the comic books.

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Sadly, one thing we’ve learned is that the AMC’s The Walking Dead doesn’t always follow the comic book source material. Even though Heath lives a long life in the pages of the comics, that in no way guarantees that he will continue to live. We’ve seen many major comic characters live much longer in the books than they did on the show, much like how viewers parted ways with Sophia and Andrea much sooner than expected.

But there is hope that this new role for Corey Hawkins on 24: Legacy will be able to coexist with The Walking Dead. While Heath is a major character, there are ways to work with filming between the two shows so that he can do both. Or, AMC could kill off his character and substitute what they had planned for Heath by giving it to a different character on the show.

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Still, there is no reason to jump to conclusions. With The Walking Dead finishing their filming on season 6 and things just getting started on the new 24: Legacy series, odds are that AMC’s plans for Heath haven’t changed quite yet. However, fans and the media will have to revisit this topic when it is time for season 7 of the zombie survival drama.