The Walking Dead: Watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Seth Meyers

Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Late night with Seth Meyers. NBC.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Late night with Seth Meyers. NBC. /

Negan, the cow whisperer? Jeffrey Dean Morgan talked to Seth Meyers about his new role on The Walking Dead as Negan and about his role on the farm as Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. Seth seems to be a fan of The Walking Dead and even a comic book reader. He knows who Negan is and knows he’s the real deal.

Jeffrey called Negan a game-changer. Seth pointed out that The Walking Dead likes to keep things under wraps as much as possible and asked Morgan what he could announce or share, which wasn’t much.

Fans of The Walking Dead crave information about the show,  but we also enjoy getting to know a little bit about the actors as well. That’s part of the fun of seeing them on Talking Dead or seeing pictures of them at Comic-Cons and interacting on Twitter.

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This interview with Seth Meyers was a fun one to watch. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is very charming and funny. His mom is fond of The Good Wife and The Walking Dead hype didn’t impress her, she just wanted to make sure this Negan cat didn’t screw up things on The Good Wife for her son. It’s fun to see that even for celebrities at any age, moms still run the show (or try to).

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The farm stories were fun! Jeffrey grew up on his great grandmother’s pig farm near Mount Rainier outside of Seattle. He decided to buy a farm in upstate New York because as he put it, “What could go wrong?”

Apparently,  Jeffrey is a bit of a cow whisperer. He and his son name the cows that spend the summer on his farm. And then the dairy farmer takes them to the fair. A bit of a sticking point and a fun story to listen to Jeffrey tell.

The Walking Dead returns in just a few weeks with mentions of Negan in the air already. We’ll meet him soon enough and see for ourselves how he changes the game.

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As always, we hope you stay with us for news and opinions about our favorite zombie show.