The Walking Dead: Another new commercial

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

In the last few weeks we’ve had a few new 30-second commercials added to the main trailer to give that extra little tease for the mid-season premiere of season 6 of The Walking Dead.

The first little extra was of Abraham and Sasha talking to the head Savior to continue the scene we saw in the prologue to episode 9 of season 6 after the midseason finale ended last fall.

The head Savior told them that usually they introduce themselves by killing someone immediately upon arrival. When Sasha tries to calm him and talk to him, Abraham warns her to be quiet and then we’re told by the voice over guy to see what happens next on February 14th.

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This new commercial doesn’t have much new in it, but it is a continuation of where we left off at the end off the mid-season finale with the gang wearing the walker guts on the sheet-ponchos trying to make it through the herd to the armory.

We stay calm. We can move right through ’em. We don’t draw attention.

The commercial is cleverly edited to make a few things very prominent. One is Rick’s words describing the plan and how they need to stay calm and not draw attention. The interesting thing to me is that poor Sam, who is calling for his mom, wasn’t there when the plan was laid out. This time in the scene we see Rick look back at Sam. And the same AMC voice over guy telling us not to miss what happens next when

The Walking Dead

returns. Thank goodness for that voice over guy!

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The other thing to note in this commercial is just how many walkers there are and how they are just wandering around everywhere. Alexandria is just their little stomping grounds now. They don’t seem to be aware of any potential meals at the moment. They’re strollers right now.

We still have 2 weeks left until the big day. Even though we aren’t learning a whole lot new in these little 30-second commercials, I hope they treat us to a few more before Valentine’s day.

Is there anything else in this new commercial that I missed? Does it get you more hyped up to see these extra little teasers?

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