The Walking Dead: Zombie Bowl/Valentine’s day massacre marathon

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If your team is not in the Super Bowl or football just isn’t your thing, AMC has you covered with the Zombie Bowl. Then a marathon of all 6 seasons leads into the midseason premiere.

If you were disappointed to miss season 1 during the New Year’s Eve marathon, season 1 is the main attraction of the Zombie Bowl. I’m not 100% sure they are calling it the Zombie Bowl this year, but they’d be silly not to.

I looked up the schedule in the AMC website for Super Bowl Sunday to see if they were showing The Walking Dead as they’ve done in the past and -boom! Here I am sharing the news with you.

Bright and early at 8 am central time “Bunny Slipper Girl” will pick up her dirty teddy bear and Rick will tell her he’s a policeman and that he can help her. She will turn around. We will see the first Rick Grimes head tilt. He will shoot her and The Walking Dead music will begin.

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Even if you are planning to watch the Super Bowl, you can watch all of the first season of The Walking Dead and still make it for pregame festivities. Season 2 starts at 2:30 central and the game doesn’t start until 5:30 central.

You can see Carl get shot, meet Hershel and start preparing your buffet table and greeting your guests. If you are not watching the game, continue the search for Sophia and hear the story of the Cherokee rose and the chupacabra!

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Once Super Bowl 50 is in the books, you can see Shane yelling at Hershel and watch one of the most mesmerizing scenes in The Walking Dead history-little Sophia coming out of the barn. Before turning in for the night meet Dave and Tony for more intensity and the chilling moment when Rick first kills the living.

If you’re a night owl and don’t have to get up for work on Monday, you can continue to watch all the way through the end of season 2 and watch the Shane and Rick confrontation, the fire and the announcement that it’s no longer a democracy.

Starting Thursday, February 11, at 11am central, the fun starts all over again with Days Gone Bye. This Valentine’s Day Walker Massacre Marathon (my name for it-I don’t know what name they will give it yet) goes day and night and includes all 6 seasons leading into the midseason premiere of season 6 on Sunday night.

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It’s getting closer! We can make it! Be sure to join us @UndeadWalkingfs during the marathons for tweeting!