The Walking Dead: Alicia Witt joins the cast for season 7

Alicia Witt as Wendy Crowe, Justified - FX
Alicia Witt as Wendy Crowe, Justified - FX /

Established actress Alicia Witt will be joining the excellent cast of AMC’s zombie survival drama The Walking Dead for the show’s seventh season.

The Walking Dead has one of the best casts on television, including superstars like Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and Lennie James. However, with more characters being introduced on the program soon, there will be more actors and actresses becoming part of the show’s family.

Having a role on The Walking Dead can be a great opportunity for any person looking to make a mark on their acting careers. It has made some relatively unknown actors and actresses stars while also helping to bring established thespians back into the limelight.

Today, established actress Alicia Witt announced on her Twitter account that she is joining the show. Here is her declaration:

Avid television watchers may know Witt from one of her many roles on popular television shows. Check out the amazing list of shows that she has held recurring roles on:

More from Undead Walking

  • Justified – Wendy Crowe
  • The Mentalist – Rosalind Harker
  • Friday Night Lights – Cheryl
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Nola Felacci
  • Cybill – Zoey Woodbine
  • Nashville – Autumn

She’s also been in many popular films such as the Al Pacino movie 88 Minutes, Sandra Bullock’s Two Week Notice, and Tom Cruise’s Vanilla Sky to help round out her impressively diverse resume of action, comedy, and even horror. Having her on AMC’s The Walking Dead should be great for both parties involved, as AMC’s zombie show is one of the most popular programs on television and she brings a lot of talent to the show.

As of now, there is no information as to who she will play during The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, but odds are that it will have something to do with another group of survivors that live around the Alexandria area.

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The Walking Dead will return to AMC after their midseason break on Sunday, February 7, 2016 for the second half of season 6. However, you don’t see Alicia Witt there, as it is not expected for her character to arrive on the scene until the show reaches their seventh season much later this year.