Fear The Walking Dead casts Daniel Zovatto for season 2

Daniel Zovatto as Gideon LeMarchal. Revenge - ABC
Daniel Zovatto as Gideon LeMarchal. Revenge - ABC /

Fear The Walking Dead has added actor Daniel Zovatto to their cast for season 2 following his excellent performance in the hit film It Follows.

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, you’ve likely seen Daniel Zovatto recently. His role in the hit film It Follows drew massive amounts of attention from the horror community and film critics around the world. Now, The Walking Dead will have the red-hot actor joining their cast for season 2 according to an article on Deadline.com.

Zovatto has just finished filming the pilot for USA’s Brooklyn Animal Control and also has roles in upcoming films Man in the Dark and Primal/Ethereal. As he continues to be in high profile and critically acclaimed projects, odds are that his services are going to be in even bigger demand.

Sadly, there is absolutely no information available as to what Daniel Zovatto’s role will be on Fear The Walking Dead. Unlike the recent casting news involving Arturo del Puerto, we don’t know his character’s name or any details regarding the mannerisms or motivations that he may have.

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There is something to be said for situations where things are left up to mystery though. Sometimes, there are situations where it is fun to not really know what is in store for a new character, when they will show up, or how big of an impact they will have. Much of the fun of those roles on AMC’s flagship series The Walking Dead are spoiled by either filming details or persistent media folks, but Fear The Walking Dead are usually able to keep fans wondering about many of the details regarding their program.

Adding a hot young actor like Daniel Zavatto to Fear The Walking Dead‘s already impressive cast is a real feather in the cap for AMC’s zombie drama companion series, which broke multiple records during their first season. The second season should be a bit different though, as the scenery will shift from the city and suburbs of Los Angeles, California to the open seas aboard Victor Strand’s boat Abigail.

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Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC on April 10, 2016 for its second season.