Fear The Walking Dead season 2 international teaser [VIDEO]

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 international promo - YouTube
Fear The Walking Dead season 2 international promo - YouTube /

Fear The Walking Dead has released an international teaser trailer that not only gives fans a look at season 2, but hints at Flight 462 as well.

With all the hype right now about the return of The Walking Dead on Valentine’s Day for the midseason premiere of season 6, sometimes it’s easy to forget that Fear The Walking Dead has a huge task ahead of itself this summer.

Expanding from 6 episodes to 15, season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead will need to be more compelling than season 1 if they hope to build the show’s fan base. By advertising Flight 462 during episodes of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, AMC is hoping to bring in some of that show’s audience, but they also know that Fear The Walking Dead needs to stand on its own merits as well.

A new international trailer for Fear The Walking Dead has been released, and it has some new footage as well as a tease for the Flight 462 crossover at the end.

Here is the video from the YouTube account of Jeff Santos:

The teaser is short. At 15 seconds, it is nothing little than a bite sized morsel of tease. Still, there are some interesting things that can be taken away from it.

First, the initial half of the teaser is footage from season 1. It is fun to look back at the events that have already happened and remember some of the great moments we’ve experienced as fans so far. It’s nice to remind fans of the horrors that the Manawa, Clark, and Salazar families have seen to this point.

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But the second half of the teaser is where the good stuff happens. It is just one scene before the Fear The Walking Dead logo is shown across the screen, but that one screen says an awful lot about the future of the show.

The focus is open water, and the shadow of an airplane is being cast on the water. It seems like a common enough situation until fans remember that Flight 462 is likely the plane overhead and the water will probably the location where Victor Strand’s ship Abigail will be sailing.

There has been some wonder about how the survivor or survivors from the plane will join the cast of Fear The Walking Dead for season 2, but it appears as though the plane will go down over the ocean and Abigail will be right there to scoop up the new characters.

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Fear The Walking Dead will return for season 2 on April 10, 2016 in North America. However, you don’t want to forget about The Walking Dead‘s second half of season 6 either, which comes back on February 14, 2016. With so many zombies coming up, fans of the undead should be very excited for what is to come!