Fear The Walking Dead casts Dougray Scott for season 2

Dougray Scott as Alec Palmer, Doctor Who - BBC (Photographer: Adrian Rogers)
Dougray Scott as Alec Palmer, Doctor Who - BBC (Photographer: Adrian Rogers) /

Hemlock Grove and Desperate Housewives star Dougray Scott will join an already stellar cast on AMC’s zombie drama companion series Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead broke many records for viewership during their first season on AMC and they look to come back with a bang on April 10, 2016 with some new cast members and a new setting. There has already been reports of Arturo del Puerto and Daniel Zovatto being added for the show’s second year, but now another big name has been added.

According to TVLine.com, a representative from AMC has confirmed that Dougray Scott will be one of the new faces that will join the cast for season 2. Fans my recognize him from his roles on hit shows like ABC’s Desperate Housewives and Netflix’s Hemlock Grove as well as other programs such as Heist, Soldier Soldier, and Father & Son.

Fans of the universally praised Doctor Who might remember Dougray Scott from an episode in 7B titled “Hide” where he played Alec Palmer. While it isn’t a major role, any time an actor is on a show like Doctor Who, it is a notable appearance because of the volume of people that the show reaches.

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TVLine could not confirm what the name of the character that Scott will play is, nor were they able to get any details about what the character will be like. There is some speculation by TVLine that he might be playing the role of Casey from a recent casting call, which called for “a decent man who believes in civility” and “is confident in an unexpected position of authority.”

With Dougray Scott being an established actor and his resume being so impressive, hopefully his role will be much bigger than just a couple of episodes before he is killed off. Sadly, with a show like Fear The Walking Dead, even the best characters and actors can make an exit at any time.

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Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC for its second season on April 10. 2016 and the focus of the series will shift from trying to survive in the city to being on Victor Strand’s boat Abigail. Seeing how life at sea is impacted by the undead will be an interesting topic for the show to cover, and should help make Fear The Walking Dead unique and separate it from its parent show.