Fear The Walking Dead adds Veronica Diaz to the cast

Veronica Diaz as Lupe, Blaze You Out - AIK Films and Lionsgate
Veronica Diaz as Lupe, Blaze You Out - AIK Films and Lionsgate /

Fear The Walking Dead will add Veronica Diaz to their cast for season 2 of the hit zombie survival drama companion series which will air on AMC in April.

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead will return for its second season on April 10, 2016. When that happens, we’ll likely see many new characters join the fray and the folks will be tackling life at sea on Victor Strand’s boat called Abigail.

Recently, it was announced that Veronica Diaz will be one of the new faces for season 2. Deadline.com says that her role on the show will be a recurring one, giving hope that she will survive on the program for more than just a handful of episodes.

While Veronica Diaz doesn’t bring the same kind of star power to Fear The Walking Dead as other announced actors Arturo del Puerto or Dougray Scott, she is still an established actress. Her work in films such as Blaze You Out, Walkout, and Channing were all well received by critics and she also had roles in television shows like Cold Case, Code Black and Criminal Minds.

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Deadline also says that she will play the role of Vanessa, who is described as “smart and deceptive, with a look of innocence, someone who throws herself into her work with reckless abandon.” Based on that character description, she sounds like she could be a valuable asset to a community of survivors, but might need help letting her guard down.

At this time, there is no knowledge of how Vanessa will meet up with the rest of the survivors on the show, but it can be assumed that she will definitely make an impact when she arrives on the scene.

With all the recent casting news surrounding Fear The Walking Dead lately, it’s hard not to get excited about season 2. Getting a look at surviving on a boat away from civilization should be interesting and all these experienced actors and actresses joining the show can only mean good things for the record-breaking show’s future.

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Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC on Sunday, April 10, 2016 for the show’s second season. Fans can expect a much larger story from season 2, as the program has shifted from 6 episodes for season 1 to 15 for season 2.