The Walking Dead Comics: What’s the Hoopla?

The Walking Dead comics. Image Sky bound
The Walking Dead comics. Image Sky bound /

The Walking Dead on AMC is mega popular. Some people had read the comics before the show ever aired. If you want to catch up, there’s Hoopla!

Many people have caught up on the comics with the compendiums as Christmas or birthday presents, but for some people to start at the beginning is a bit of an expense.

If your library has Hoopla, you are in luck. Hoopla is an e-reader app that’s hooked up with libraries and has begun to include comics in their offerings.

Last August, Hoopla announced new titles from Image comics, which includes The Walking Dead. They do not have the most current issues, but quite close to it. It’s a fantastic opportunity for fans to start at the beginning and get caught up.

Once you get caught up, you can start buying the new issues as they come out, which is less of a strain on the budget and a good thing for Robert Kirkman (and us)–continued support and success for the comics. Who knows? There may be more issues available as time goes on.

If you’re wondering how the experience will be reading a comic book in digital version, the app and “Action View” is designed to make the reading easy and enjoyable.

The founder and owner of Hoopla digital had this to say:

"We built hoopla’s Action View experience especially for celebrated titles like The Walking Dead so fans can truly appreciate the artistry of these iconic stories and we’re thrilled to partner with Image Comics to bring their celebrated titles to library cardholders anytime, without any holds or waits. Action View creates one-of-a-kind immersive digital reading by allowing for full-page and panel-by-panel views of comics and illustrations. Patron reception to our new comics offering has been overwhelmingly positive. Comic books are quickly becoming one of the most popular formats."

At this time Hoopla offers Volumes 1-24, which include the issues up to 144. The volumes are available for you to enjoy for 21 days on your device when you borrow them, at which time they will just disappear.

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If you’ve always wanted to read the comics and the expense of the compendiums or all the back issues of the volumes has been your only sticking point, check to see if your local library uses Hoopla and join the hoopla of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics!