The Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz on Negan

Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC. Gene Page
Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC. Gene Page /

Michael Cudlitz talks about looking death in the face, being human and how Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan is just what The Walking Dead needs.

Before he was stopped by Negan’s man on the road back to Alexandria, Abraham had a nice moment with the fence walker. It was his turn to illustrate one of the major season 6 themes-the world is not over .

After his moment, he enjoyed a Doña María cigar, borrowed a dress blue uniform jacket and sweated Sasha with his compliments about calling bull shit.

Sasha saw his bet and raised with even more straight talk. Then Daryl came back and Negan’s men interrupted a great poker game. Michael talks about his moment with death and about Sasha in this interview.

Michael also talks about Alexandria. Rick had warned people that they weren’t ready and due to circumstances that unfolded, they are about to find out who can handle things and who is going to crumble like the wall.

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The most fun and interesting thing in this interview is when Michael talks about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Negan. He doesn’t give much away, but he shows his excitement.

Michael’s tone and body language changes as soon as he talks about Jeffrey. He stops trying to remain cool and reserved. The coy Cudlitz disappears. The boy Cudlitz comes out!

Abraham was not around for the Governor and Gareth didn’t last long. Michael seems ready and excited about this villain. He talks about Jeffrey’s charm and how we’re going to love Negan. And love to hate him.

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I loved to hate the Governor, but I really hated him. I wonder how this will differ. I know the Governor was supposed to have a charm, too. And Phillip does have his fans. I’m just not one of them.

I think Negan may differ from the Governor in that Phillip tried to create the illusion that he was a benevolent leader trying to create an idyllic Woodbury for the citizens and his evil was masked.

If I’m right about Negan, he doesn’t hide his evil nature and he even  feels sorry for you that you happened to cross his path because he knows it’s unlucky for you.

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Just a few more days and things will get rolling into the back half of season 6. The marathon is already running. Just turn on your television to AMC and The Walking Dead is on right now! The cast is on Inside the Actors Studio tonight (Thursday, February 11, 2016)  so check On Demand if you’ve missed it. Happy Valentine’s Day!