Fear The Walking Dead: No Safe Harbor season 2 promo

Fear The Walking Dead promo - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead promo - AMC /

A new promo for Fear The Walking Dead’s second season titled ‘No Safe Harbor’ has been released by AMC and it shows the survivors out at sea on a boat.

Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead is set to premiere on April 10. 2016, but that doesn’t mean that it is too early for fans to look forward to what could happen when our favorite survivors from California come back to AMC.

Recently, there has been a lot of great casting news surrounding the program, including the addition of Arturo del Puerto, Dougray Scott, Veronica Diaz, and Daniel Zovatto. While hearing those great individuals being added to an already stellar group of actors is great, visualizing what fans will see in April can be much more exciting.

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Thanks to AMC, another new promotional trailer for Fear The Walking Dead was recently released. Titled ‘No Safe Harbor’, showing a bit of the life at sea that fans are expecting when the show returns for season 2.

Here is the promo, thanks to AMC’s official YouTube account:

The video opens with Nick and Madison Clark on the deck of a boat. Madison is looking through binoculars at something in the distance as the promo flashes to Ofelia, Alicia, and Daniel Salazar standing with a gun. Then, the words of the promo title flash across the screen, but not without some important scenes in the middle.

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Following the word “No”, a lifeboat full of survivors is waving to get attention from the people on the boat. Daniel Salazar’s back is to the ship, seemingly armed and ready in case there is trouble.

After seeing “Safe” flash across the screen, a zombie is seen floating on the water with its face down, possibly showing that a lack of oxygen to the brain isn’t enough to kill the undead monsters.

The word “Harbor” is followed by a very quick scene of Travis Manawa hacking at something off the screen with an ax.

Finally, the logo for Fear The Walking Dead comes across the screen along with the words “season premiere Sunday April 10”.

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With 8 more episodes of The Walking Dead to air before Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC, it is a little difficult to get really excited for Fear The Walking Dead‘s season 2 premiere. However, seeing this promo should be enough to help make fans of the undead who are lukewarm about tuning in for the show’s second season to give it another chance.