Walking Dead: ‘No Way Out’ Preview

Walking Dead: 'No Way Out' Preview - Photo Credit: AMC
Walking Dead: 'No Way Out' Preview - Photo Credit: AMC /

The Walking Dead’s first four minutes establish the most ambitious and captivating story since the golden age of The Governor. The foundations have been laid out and we didn’t even see Negan on screen for a single second.

The First Four Minutes

“There’s always more.” The hook right there, front and center. In four minutes we saw a premier new villain rise to esteemed ranks without being visible. His gang of leather jacket scoundrels acting as the prologue to the next chapter of The Walking Dead. “If you have to eat ****, Best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat.” The second in command presumably, took a horse now in it’s sixth season and has steered on a fresh course. One where Rick’s group slowly loses their aura of invincibility.

It’s time for the show to do away with shielding the group from all challengers. The first realization this was finally happening last half of the season was when the wolves ambushed Rick. The infamous Glenn moment as well before his return. As great fun as it is watching Carol go in Rambo mode for an episode or two maybe even three, this show prides itself on realism.

The more overly powered the group becomes, the more this premise is weakened. There needs to be challengers to the throne that are believable. Walking Dead viewers too need to be “reasonable people,” despite understandable attachments. The Glenn return was potentially a response to audience backlash. A “drive you back to where you were” scenario.

The Wolves had infinite promise, especially in the charisma department. Their leader owning a quiet aggression similar to this new second in command figure. Rapidly however, they were reduced in number and influence. True adversaries like The Governor and Shane make Rick Grimes better, which in turn makes the show itself better. Perhaps it’s time for fans to go “carpooling” for a while rather than go grabbing for the driver seat.

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One member of the pack kept calling for Jessie, raising the question will the walkers notice something is amiss? An IQ test for the undead horde.

Walking Loose Ends

Last half of the season paid tribute to leaving loose ends. Whether it was the wolf getting away or Carl letting Ron get away with his motive. As we learned back in the Martin/Tyreese dialogue a season ago, everything comes full circle. Every decision, a consequence. Walking loose ends can be vastly more dangerous than The Walking Dead.

Tonight’s the night! The Walking Dead is finally back, catch all the action on AMC.

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