The Walking Dead: Who died in No Way Out?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Whew! Where do I begin?  The threats and deaths in the season 6 mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead just kept stacking up. I must take a moment to say congratulations to the cast and crew for an amazing episode. Now it’s time to dig in and look at the characters for which there truly was ‘No Way Out’.

Negan’s Biker Gang

Headed up by charismatic actor, Christopher Berry, the gang of bikers representing Negan threatened three of our favorite characters.   But these motorcycle enthusiasts do not last very long.  In fact, the last word belongs to Daryl and his RPG. After taking out one biker behind the truck, Daryl takes out the entire gang in one fell swoop just as we are fearing for the lives of Abraham and Sasha.  That was an extremely tense moment with Berry’s character oscillating between threatening, excusing, and then once again threatening the lives of Abe and Sasha. Daryl plays hero well and we are grateful.  So long biker gang — you never had a chance against a Dixon!

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /


I doubt anyone was surprised that Sam did not survive the walker camouflage maneuver.  Surprisingly, crying out for his mother is not the fauxpas that precipitates his death.  Instead, it is his refusal to keep moving that makes him vulnerable.  After being reminded of Carol’s scary tale, he becomes immobilized just long enough to fall prey to a walker.


Jessie’s maternal instinct to stay with her dying son Sam ends up being her downfall in The Walking Dead season 6 mid-season opener.  Walkers ascend upon her as well, yet her hand is still firmly grasping Carl’s.  In a moment of sad reflection combined with his survival instinct, Rick uses his axe to chop off Jessie’s arm at the wrist breaking her hold on Carl.


Losing his mother is the last straw for the angry teenaged Ron.  In a moment of grief, despair, and vengeance, he aims his firearm at Carl, nope, Rick (thank you to TheZeusTuber™ for that clarification!) prepared to kill his foe.  Thankfully, Michonne uses one of her signature moves slicing through Ron from the back.  Unfortunately, her timing is just shy of Ron’s gun going off taking out Carl’s right eye.  Ron is gone and Carl’s life hangs in the balance.

The Wolf

Meanwhile, Dr. Denise is still being held hostage by the Wolf that Morgan refused to eliminate.  Denise does her best to stay strong and the pair makes a run for the higher ground of the platform. Denise has reminded the Wolf that he has not always been this way and that he can change.  Just as I suggested in an earlier article, it appears that Denise manages to get inside his head a little bit.  In an unexpected move, he turns back from the safety of his own position to rescue Denise from a walker that is upon her.  In doing so, he is bitten by a walker instead.  Denise says she can save him if they can make it to the infirmary. Before arriving at the makeshift hospital, Carol sees them from a distance and shoots the Wolf. Upon turning, the Wolf meets his final blow from Morgan’s staff.

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Walkers galore

In a maneuver reminiscent of taking the prison in season 3, our survivors and Alexandria neighbors circle the wagons and begin taking out the herd of walkers one by one.  Glenn, however, is fighting them in his corner all alone.  Much to our delight, Abraham, Daryl and Sasha roll up with the fuel tanker and rescue Glenn.  They then proceed to light the lake on fire drawing the walkers away from the rest of the group.  The huge herd of walkers is defeated ending up drowned in the lake or scattered along the streets of Alexandria. The banding together of all the survivors is quite a site to behold.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Meanwhile, Dr. Denise’s efforts to save Carl appear to be successful as we see the young man grasp his father’s hand in response to his words.  This will forever be one of those touching moments that reaches right into my heart as a parent.

Final death count:

Humans — 4 individuals plus 1 biker gang

Walkers — too many to count

Be sure to comment below on the death that most effected you in The Walking Dead’s mid-season 6 premiere.