The Walking Dead: How will Negan find the Alexandrians?

The Saviors blocking the road, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
The Saviors blocking the road, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page /

Following a massive explosion on The Walking Dead which took out the biker gang, how will Negan find out who killed his followers and how will he react?

Odds are that things on AMC’s The Walking Dead could get a little awkward when Negan and the rest of the survivors on The Walking Dead meet up. While that event could still be quite a distance away, it has to be thought that the leader of The Saviors will not be pleased when he finds out the news that some of his men failed a mission and were killed.

As fans know from the action-packed season 6 midseason premiere, the gang met their doom at the hands of a rocket launcher wielded by Daryl Dixon, who vaporized all the men on the motorcycles before they could do any harm to either Abraham Ford or Sasha Williams.

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Eventually, Negan will have to find out that his men are dead and that the people of Alexandria are responsible. But how will that happen since every one of his men are dead and there isn’t anything to link Daryl or the other survivors to the incident?

That’s the question that was posed to us on Undead Walking’s Facebook account by one of our great followers, Robb Hinson. Here is what he asked:

"“If Negan’s group got blown away, what event catalyzes Negan to appear? Will he come looking for them?”"

This question was passed along to the folks at TheStream.TV’s The Walking Dead After Show for them to speculate on how the big bad guy might end up meeting up with the survivors of Alexandria and how he would react to losing his men. You can watch the entire video on TheStream.TV’s official YouTube account:

During the video, Timothy Michael shared some insight he has from reading the comics:

"“I don’t want to spoil anything, but putting it in the context of the Alexandrians in Rick’s group. They’ve fought and they’ve conquored Alexandria again. They look at this place as their home and they have a right to be there. They’ve kept it. So, what if somebody came and tried to take it away from them? I’ll leave it at that.”"

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The big speculation going on about this explosion scene in particular involves a vehicle that was seen driving past in the distance as the gang was blown up. Some believe that was Negan in that vehicle and he got to witness the aftermath of the incident and will be able to piece it together from there. However, many think this to be just a minor error in filming and not part of the plot of the show.

Odds are that Negan won’t find out about the fate of his men on AMC’s The Walking Dead until face to face with the people of Alexandria. Daryl, Sasha, and particularly Abraham (who was curious to find out “Who’s Negan?”) should remember that name and react when hearing it, which should set the leader of The Saviors off to do horrible, horrible things to the community.

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What do you think, do you think Negan will find out what happens by finding the rubble? Was he watching from the car in the distance? Will he find out from Daryl, Sasha, or Abraham once they are face-to-face? Discuss it in the comments below. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to TheStream.TV and give them a like on Facebook as well as a follow on Twitter.