The Walking Dead: Cudlitz on Rosita and Sasha

Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Abraham Ford has two love interests in zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead, and Michael Cudlitz doesn’t see that as a problem.

Michael Cudlitz talked to Entertainment Weekly about the issue of the love triangle that will need to be addressed at some point when Abraham and Sasha return to Alexandria.

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Usually Michael is coy and teasing when he gives answers about this topic, but he was a little more straight forward in this interview about the realistic situation that Abraham finds himself in on The Walking Dead.

He didn’t play it off like Abraham is simply interested in sex, but sex is certainly a consideration for people who are lonely and hurting and facing dire circumstances like the end of their lives and the end of the world.

"It’s the zombie apocalypse. What, now there’s rules? No, look, he sees a lot of himself in Sasha, things that he has respected his whole life — the strength that she has on her own. I think in a lot of ways he feels like he’s protected Rosita, and he’s brought her to this point through training her, and here is someone that he’s looking at, and he’s seeing an equal who will call him on his bull. So he’s attracted to that. So, you know, we’ll see what that really evolves into.I don’t know if at this point he really knows what it is, but he knows he likes it. He knows he’s attracted to it, and he knows at this point, there’s nothing denying it. I would equate it to somebody when they know they’re going to die. You have to do changes in your life, and I think he’s in this sort of world. He’s sort of said, “Okay, this is where we are, and I’m not going to live any lies.” I’m going to move forward, and I’m going to do what I have to do.”“I think when characters have hope and they know that there’s a future, they reassess, and I think he’s going through a major reassessment right now knowing that, as he says in the episode, we have walls. You know, we have a future. And beer.”"

We should find out pretty soon. There appears to be a time jump in the near future so Sasha and Abraham will have had some time behind the walls and rebuilding the walls to discover if there really is anything there.

Rosita will always need Abraham to lean on. I don’t know how she will react. If it were up to me, I’d have her be just fine. She’s grown into an independent and savvy leader on her own. She made smart decisions with Tara and she’s physically capable. Eugene certainly needs her.

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Spensita is on my ship list! So prepare for a little jealousy and healing yourself, Mr. Ford. Spencer is no slouch! (He’s no Abe though, either.)

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