The Walking Dead: Doubt car was Negan

Explosion. The Walking Dead. AMC
Explosion. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Fans have seen a car in the distance in a scene on The Walking Dead and have gone crazy as if it proves something. I doubt it.

I know it’s fun to look for hidden clues or Easter eggs in The Walking Dead. I love to see them pointed out to me. But I think this one is a rotten egg. It’s just unnecessary.

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What would it really accomplish? So it means that Negan is watching and knows his men got blown to bits and knows who did it. That means he’ll want revenge and one of those 3 will be the recipient of a Lucille kiss.

Okay. If he were watching from a moving car that far away he wouldn’t be able to recognize Daryl, Abraham and Sasha. If he were watching from a car that far away, why wouldn’t he be stopped and hiding somewhere with binoculars?

With all the things that the production team had to deal with in order to pull off an explosion like that with safety concerns and the timing of the bikes going down and actors reacting, do you really think they would worry about adding the extra timing issue of a car driving into frame that may or may not be noticed by fans when the show aired?

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If the goal is to make Negan’s revenge personal for having seen the explosion, it’s easy to do by having Negan just say that he was hiding and saw the event. We wouldn’t blink an eye. We would believe that he was there somewhere looking. We wouldn’t ask for proof.

Just a scene with Negan saying something like, “I saw you in your dress blue uniform. I was there,” or “My man should have shot you right off the bat instead of making jokes about nibbling.”

That would be more chilling and let the audience and the characters know that Negan was hiding close by and watching more so than a car so far in the distance that it doesn’t really give Negan any intel.

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People keep saying that the production crew wouldn’t let that mistake go. They might not have even noticed. If they did, it was so unimportant it wouldn’t be worth the cost of reshooting an expensive stunt like that.

If you just know it’s Negan, cool. But I doubt it.

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