The Walking Dead inspired baby names


There aren’t many babies in the zombie apocalypse and children don’t do very well either, but there are some interesting names from The Walking Dead that fans can use for their own little asskickers.

Maggie is pregnant and will need a name for the baby soon. Aaron suggested Aaron for a boy, alternately spelled Erin, for a girl. Carl rattled off many tribute names for Lori’s baby before finally choosing a tribute to his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Mueller, and gave baby Judith her name.

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Often when shows, books, and movies are popular, babies are named after beloved main characters. I wonder how many class rosters have the name Katniss, Peeta, or Hermione on them. The Stir published 19 The Walking Dead inspired names and that got me thinking of more.

There are quite a few that are pretty common names like Rick and Lori or Andrea, Bob, and Beth. But there are many that are more unusual. Some are actor names, some are character names and some are inspired by other The Walking Dead things.

Stuffed Animal. Pixabay.
Stuffed Animal. Pixabay. /



Lawrence: Lawrence Gilliard Jr. played Bob Stookey. “Tainted meat!”

Tyler: Tyler James Williams played Noah. Just stay away from revolving doors during your pregnancy!

Lennie: Lennie James plays Morgan. “All life is precious!”

Ross: Ross Marquand plays Aaron. “I’ve got good news!”

Norman: Norman Reedus plays Daryl “chupacabra” Dixon.


Merle. How about a hug for your old pal?

Milton. “I don’t feel I need to explain myself to the henchman.”

Hershel: Choose why you’re risking your life.

Eugene: “No one gets to clock out today.”

Tobin. Member of Abe’s construction crew.

Spencer. The last Monroe standing.

Gareth: “The pretty ones taste better” (You know you’ll bite the baby’s toes and say you could eat him right up!)

Negan. Your heart and property will belong to him.

Heath. Mr. Dress Rehearsal and Hair game.

Morgan. “We have inherited the earth.” (Boy or girl)

Blake: The Governor! (Boy or girl)

Walker: It would be fun to yell, “Walker!”

Stuffed Animals. Pixabay.
Stuffed Animals. Pixabay. /



Danai: Danai Gurira plays Miss Michonne. “You don’t know.”

Sonequa: Sonequa Martin-Green plays Sasha. “That’s what you worry about?”

Tovah: Tovah Feldshuh played Deanna. “They’re all your people.

Alanna: Alanna Masterson plays Tara “fist bump” Chambler

Merritt: Merritt Wever plays Dr. Denise. “Hot damn.”


Michonne: like Cher

Sasha: It will work out for her, too.

Enid: A nursery with adorable turtles!

Mika: that smile!

Olivia. Chocolate!

Francine: A tough lady!

Lucille: Yikes!

Alexandria: The new world.

Griselda: Griselda Gunderson, Mika’s doll.

Tabitha: Not the witch, the goat!

Violet: The pig or Vi, the CDC computer

Coral! Just Coral! (Good for Finding Nemo fans, too.

What unusual names did I miss? Buttons? Katana? Goo Goo? Just kidding. (But that’s a cute idea to add to a baby shower gift.) There are also plenty of more common and traditional names to choose if you like those. Patrick, Abraham, Eric, Maggie, Andrea, Andrew, Lauren, Steven, Scott, Robert, Sarah, Sam and many, many more.

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You can always just name your baby whatever you want to name him or her and use the nickname little asskicker to add your The Walking Dead flair!