The Walking Dead 610: The Next World [recap and poll]

Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

How would YOU rate the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Read a recap of episode 610, take our poll and then tell us what you thought in the comments.

So last week’s episode was a bit intense, to put it mildly. Most notably, by the end of the episode we had lost Jesse, Sam (let’s be honest, we were kind of expecting him to go) and Ron to the walkers, and Carl was lying unconscious after being shot in the eye.

This week’s episode starts an undetermined amount of time later. Carl is now recovered and walking around, talking with Rick and Michonne, about who has been using whose toothpaste while Judith is just sitting around being adorable. Michonne is in a bathrobe, having just gotten out of the shower, hair wrapped in a towel. Hmmm.

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Daryl and Denise meet up just inside the gates of Alexandria and discuss Denise’s wish list for his trip outside the walls. She wants him to find soda (or as she says, “pop,” because she’s from Ohio) because Tara was talking about it in her sleep and Denise thinks she might like it.

The inside of the wall is now filled with a long list of names of those who’ve been lost.

Eugene Porter, Daryl Dixon, and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC
Eugene Porter, Daryl Dixon, and Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Eugene opens the gate for Rick and Daryl, who’re driving out in a car, and gives his two cents on where they should go.

As they drive away from Alexandria, Rick tells Daryl that according to the law of averages, “today’s the day.” Daryl doesn’t necessarily agree.

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In Alexandria, Michonne is on watch atop the wall. She sees someone going into the woods and follows him.

Maggie finds Enid sitting alone and writing, and asks her where she’s been because no one has seen her for weeks. Enid says she’s been “nowhere.” Maggie tells her to come talk to her, and walks away.

Rick and Daryl are driving fast, with Rick’s choice of music blaring – to Daryl’s displeasure. They come across a structure containing a truck, the back packed with supplies. Rick again mentions the “law of averages.” They drive off in the truck, leaving the car for later retrieval.

As they continue down the road, they stop at a gas station along the way, where they find an old vending machine. They’re attempting to break into it when suddenly they’re jumped by a suspicious looking stranger. “Law of averages” indeed.

Jesus The Walking Dead 610
Jesus The Walking Dead 610 /

The stranger says he’s just running away from walkers, that they’re about 1/2 mile behind him, and they grudgingly lower their weapons. Rick gives him their names, and the stranger introduces himself as Jesus. Rick starts to ask the 3 questions, despite Daryl’s protest, but Jesus runs off. Rick is suspicious of how well kept he was.

There’s no more time for debate, however, because they hear what sounds like gunfire. It turns out to be fire crackers in a metal trash can. Jesus has stolen Rick’s keys, and with them, the truck.

In the woods, Michonne comes upon Spencer facing a walker, and she cuts its head off before he has to do anything with the shovel he’s carrying. He wants to keep walking, and Michonne says she’s coming with him. She says she’s trying to figure out her life, but she’s starting with why Deanna’s son is wandering the woods with a shovel.

Carl and Enid are in the woods as well. They come across a piece of paper that had gotten wet, so they couldn’t see what had been written on it. Enid takes it as a message that they’re not alone. Carl is less thoughtful about it.

Rick and Daryl are now running down a road. They find the vending machine, which Jesus seems to have left in the middle of the road, and Daryl smashes the glass to reach inside. He reaches inside for the soda that Denise had requested, drinking a few for himself. After a short break, they’re running again, on Jesus’ trail.

Enid and Carl are sitting in the woods just hanging out when they hear something. It’s Spencer and Michonne, walking along. Carl goes back to reading. Enid says that she doesn’t want to come out in the woods anymore. Carl stands up, puts on his hat and walks away, saying only “okay.”

“I’d do it for you.”

They continue through the woods and find a walker. Enid wants to leave it, but Carl won’t because Michonne is out there. When the walker turns, they both look as though they recognize it. Carl wants Enid to walk away, tells her to go home, and after some argument, she finally does.

Rick and Daryl catch up with Jesus, circling around quietly so that Rick can grab him… except Jesus seems to have gone to Morgan’s Jedi school, minus the stick. But Rick and Daryl manage to get the best of him, pointing their guns at him. They tie him up and take the truck back.

They’re on the way back to Alexandria when they start hearing banging, and stop to discover Jesus on the roof of the truck. They stop and Daryl jumps out and starts chasing him. But there are walkers tied to cars distracting them and then Jesus jumps into the truck…

A minute later, all three men end up outside the truck, but the truck rolls downhill and sinks in a lake. “Law of averages. It’s bullshit, man,” Daryl says. Daryl grudgingly agrees to help Jesus, who’s lying in the grass unconscious, instead of just leaving him there.

Spencer Monroe, Michonne and zombie Deanna - The Walking Dead, AMC
Spencer Monroe, Michonne and zombie Deanna – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Spencer insists to Michonne that he’s fine, that he needs to take care of something. Michonne offers to help, but he says that she can’t. There’s noise in the bushes and Michonne sees Carl running from a walker, leading it towards them. The walker had been Deanna. Spencer says he’d thought he’d seen her that night, and takes out his knife. Michonne holds the walker from behind and Spencer stabs it in the back of the head. Mission accomplished.

Spencer and Michonne bury the walker that had been Deanna, there in the woods, Spencer carving a D into the tree beside the grave. Michonne tells him that he still has a family and a home, and tells him to come back to Alexandria with her.

Jesus is passed out in the car beside Daryl. Rick says that Daryl wouldn’t have gone through with leaving him in a tree.

Carl is sitting with Judith on their front porch, talking to her about the stars. Michonne comes out and asks if he had a good day. Carl says he’s taking Judith inside, but Michonne says that she saw what he did with Deanna. She tells him that he should have either left her or killed her.

They argue about why either of them goes out there, and whether Carl could have killed “Deanna.” Michonne insists that he could have, but Carl says that no, it should’ve been someone who loved her, someone who was family. “I’d do it for you,” he tells her. Michonne is overwhelmed, and hugs him.

Daryl says that he now agrees with what Rick had said before the quarry, that they shouldn’t be looking for people anymore. Rick says no, he was wrong. The two carry Jesus to the house where Denise is, so that she can look at him. They leave him on a mattress, tied up, with a note. They agree that going outside the walls is stupid, and that they’ll do it again tomorrow.

Rick Grimes and Michonne holding hands - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes and Michonne holding hands – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Rick’s laying on the couch and Michonne comes in and tells him to move over. She shows him a video monitor screen of Judith and they lean back on the couch next to each other. Neither of them wants to talk about their day. Rick gives her a pack of mints because he didn’t manage to find toothpaste for her, they banter a little, and his hand drops onto hers casually.

They both look at each other in surprise, and then he leans over and kisses her. Finally. The law of averages, people.

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Michonne and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC
Michonne and Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead, AMC /

And then, because The Walking Dead can’t just let things end so simply, in the next scene Rick and Michonne are laying naked, asleep on a mattress, when Jesus comes in whispering Rick’s name. When they both jump up and Jesus tells them, “We need to talk.”

So, what did you think of this episode? Most of you really loved last week’s episode, so how did this one compare? Go to our Twitter poll and vote, and if you have thoughts, leave us a comment. You never know, it may be included in a future article!