The Walking Dead: Will Carl’s injury make him unpredictable?

Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs as Rick and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs as Rick and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Carl Grimes suffered a horrific eye injury on AMC’s The Walking Dead, but will his impairment and pain make him unpredictable like at the prison?

There have been some horrible times for Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead. He has been forced to shoot his father figure in Shane, kill his mother after delivering his baby sister, and protect his near-lifeless father from the undead following the destruction of the prison. All that can be a lot for a young man to handle, and in the past it hasn’t been too great.

During the season 6 midseason premiere, Carl suffered a bad injury to his eye that caused him to collapse in a horde of walkers, only to be saved by his father, Rick Grimes. Rick was able to get him to the medical center, but there was still the need for medical attention and recovery, much like after he was wounded from Otis’ gunshot near Hershel’s farm.

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This brings up an interesting situation. We we see the Carl Grimes that threw caution to the wind in fits of frustration and anger like we did in the past? Or has the young man grown up enough to realize the dangers of reacting that way?

Thankfully, Kate Nerone on Facebook asked us the following question about Carl Grimes and what is in store for him on AMC’s The Walking Dead:  

Will the loss of his eye make Carl bitter and dangerously unpredictable?”

To get this question answered, it was passed along to the folks at TheStream.TV’s The Walking Dead After Show, where hosts Su Castillo, Timothy Michael, and Michael Tiberi discuss each week’s episode as well as answer questions from fans. Here is the episode where the question is answered:

In the video, The Walking Dead After Show panelist Timothy Michael said that he felt that Carl has grown up a lot since his dark path following the incidents at the prison. Having to shoot his own mother while being there to help deliver his baby sister seemed to do a number on the young man, and he needed time to adjust. Since then, Timothy thinks that Carl no longer needs those periods of angst, and has learned how to channel his anger and frustration in a better way.

Fans have seen Carl’s frustration before. When he shot the young man at the prison in front of Hershel, it seemed like it could have been a real turning point for the character. However, sometimes maturity comes with age, and Carl seems much more able to deal with his situations without becoming overwhelmed with rage and frustration.

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What do you think? Will Carl Grimes spiral into darkness for a while because of his injury? Or has he grown up enough to know that the kind of behavior he exhibited before is dangerous to him and those around him?  Leave your comments below and don’t forget to check out The Walking Dead After Show from TheStream.TV each week after the east coast airing of Talking Dead on Sunday nights.