The Walking Dead: Chris Hardwick asks, Benny Hill delivers

The Walking Dead. AMC.
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Last week’s The Walking Dead had an unusually high humor content.  On Talking Dead Chris Hardwick made a request of the Internet to make a YouTube and they didn’t disappoint.

It’s not the first time Chris Hardwick has made requests of the Internet. He loves to get fun phrases trending with hashtags on Twitter. Chris is responsible for off the cuff remarks that have become nicknames and phrases that have stuck. Poor porchdick, Corey Brill, even made a song about his nickname.

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Last week we had a buddy adventure on The Walking Dead that was extremely unusual in tone for the usually bleak and serious show. We’ve seen sprinkles of deadpan humor, but this was a full-blown, verging on slapstick, adventure.

Our two protagonists watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to prepare for the episode, but joked that the crew said it was more like Rick and Daryl’s Excellent Adventures. (Via TV insider)

Austin Nichols (Spencer) appeared on Talking Dead after the episode and made a joke about Benny Hill and Yakety Sax during the crazy chase scene with Daryl and Jesus in the field. Chris Hardwick asked the Internet to make it happen.

There were a few results. The one is from CJ Creech. CJ does great podcasts and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. He even did the speeding up of the action and has the laugh track. It’s pretty hilarious.

There are also tons of memes coming from the name Jesus and from the silly nature of Daryl and Rick’s adventure. This is my personal favorite from “Crazy Rick Grimes”.

Crazy Rick Grimes Meme.
Crazy Rick Grimes Meme. /

The fun nature of the adventure received some mixed reviews. Some people felt Rick and Daryl made some decisions that were out of character and there was too much levity and humor. What did you think?

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I loved it. I thought it was hilarious and made them look like they might have relaxed a bit after being protected in Alexandria for a few months and it made them seem to not be infallible superheroes. Jesus came off being skilled, but not evil. The scenes with Carl and Deanna grounded us in The Walking Dead.