The Walking Dead: Nathan Fillon on Alexandria architecture

Nathan Fillon. Danai Gurira. Talking Dead. AMC
Nathan Fillon. Danai Gurira. Talking Dead. AMC /

On the bonus segment of Talking Dead, Castle’s Nathan Fillon had some great suggestions for the people of The Walking Dead to fortify Alexandria.

When the live portion of Talking Dead that we see on television each week ends, the cameras keep rolling for a few more questions for a bonus segment that gets posted on the internet.

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This week’s bonus segment had a question for each of the three guests. Danai was asked about her connection to her character, Michonne. Austin was asked if he felt Spencer got some closure with Deanna.

Danai was also asked to choose between Orange Crush or toothpaste as her preferred item from the supply run. I bet you can guess her choice. She also had a fun luxury item when Chris Hardwick asked about that.

Take a look at the bonus segment to see the answers they gave and all the extras we missed on television:

Nathan was asked about his skills as a welder. Who knew? This led into a great discussion about how he would make Alexandria stronger architecturally.

Nathan had some fabulous Bridge to Terabithia type suggestions. They were fantastical, but still had some practicality to them. The double wall has something to it.

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Even the treehouse idea has some merit. Eugene should get on some plans that use creativity along with common sense.  I loved the thought of the walkers on the zig zag bridge with no railing!

What are some of your interesting ideas to help fortify a walled community in the zombie apocalypse? What luxury items and necessities would the community need or want? Where would your line be drawn between necessity and luxury if you were Denise making a list for Daryl?

Perhaps a walled community could use some sort of emergency shelters or places to escape. Perhaps every home and building should have little emergency first aid and supplies not have everything located in the infirmary and the armory and just the specialized buildings?

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I’m surprised they haven’t made traps or spikes on the outside of the walls, or maybe they have and I haven’t noticed. I say Alexandria could use Nathan Fillion as a new resident.