The Walking Dead: Lincoln and Gurira pushed for nude scenes

Michonne, Jesus, and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC
Michonne, Jesus, and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The hookup between Rick Grimes and Michonne on AMC’s The Walking Dead was jaw dropping, but nude scenes were the idea of actors Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira.

Among all the violence and death surrounding AMC’s hit zombie survival drama, one of the most shocking moments in recent history on The Walking Dead was the moment when Rick Grimes and Michonne decided to make their relationship physical.

The scene that aired during episode 10 of season 6 wasn’t quite the one that was originally written though. While the two characters were going to get down and dirty, TVLine reports that the script didn’t call for the two actors to bare it all during the final scene where they are surprised by Jesus saying Rick’s name at the foot of the bed.

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According to the script made by Angela Kang and Cory Reed, Michonne and Rick were supposed to cover themselves up with the bedsheets, but that was something that neither the actor who plays Rick (Andrew Lincoln) or the actress portraying Michonne (Danai Gurira) felt was realistic for the characters.

When it came to the act of modesty, Gurira said Michonne wouldn’t be concerned with covering up. “No, she wouldn’t. She’d go for her sword.” Andrew Lincoln agreed with her statement, saying “Yeah. And Rick would go for his gun. And we’d both be naked.”

Michonne and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC
Michonne and Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fans who enjoyed this visually stunning scene. which showed the top of the posterior of both Rick Grimes and Michonne. have Lincoln and Gurira to thank for the way it ultimately turned out, as the two actors persuaded Kang and Reed to rewrite the scene more to make it realistic for the personalities of these two great characters.

"“So we campaigned for the butt-crack shot [at the end],” Lincoln adds, proudly. “That wasn’t in the script. We both said, ‘If we’re going to do it, let’s do it.’”"

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At this point, it isn’t known if the hookup between Rick and Michonne was a one-time thing or if this could lead to bigger and better things for the two as Alexandria’s power couple. Fans will likely find out more about the future of “Richonne” when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 28, 2016 with the 11th episode of the show, titled “Knots Untie” airing at 9 pm/8c on AMC.