The Walking Dead: This week is Tom Payne’s favorite so far

Jesus. Tom Payne. The Walking Dead. AMC
Jesus. Tom Payne. The Walking Dead. AMC /

We met Jesus last week on The Walking Dead. Jesus’ portrayer, Tom Payne, loved his introduction, but this week is his favorite episode so far.

The introduction of the character of Jesus was quite special. We met him in an episode that brought much more humor than any episode in memory for The Walking Dead. It also brought the start of  Rick and Michonne, something many fans have been wanting for many seasons.

Some of the things we learned about Jesus lead us to believe he’s not going to be a bad character. Comic readers know the answer to that, but from a pure show perspective, we’re led in more of an Abraham direction. With Abe we weren’t positive, but we had a feeling he was okay when we met him.

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From AMC previews, it looks like we’ll learn more about Jesus this week as the theme of the larger world is explored. According to, Jesus is going to be a big part of The Walking Dead and many people are going to love him. talked to Tom Payne and got some great information from our newest character about his introduction and this week’s episode, which Payne’s said he really liked when asked about his favorite episode so far.

"“I think [Knots Untie] is pretty good. I’m looking forward to [Knots Untie] definitely. Like, [The Next World] is introduction and [Knots Untie] you’ll get to know a little bit more about the character and how he affects everything really. So, that’s good, I’m looking forward to that, but this was a perfect introduction. I’m really happy with that. Obviously, I was apprehensive about it like, ‘Oh, I hope the fans like it!’ Everyone seemed to like it which was good but [this weekend’s], I’m looking forward to it. Definitely.”"

Payne also talked about how great it was to work with people on the first episode even though he had to make the main actors look a little inept and walk in on a naked Rick and Michonne in bed.

"“That whole first episode was me with Norman [Reedus] and Andrew [Lincoln] and then me and Danai [Gurira] and Andrew so that was really intense. It was like, ‘Okay, here you go. You’re in these situations where you’re making Daryl look like a fool and then you’re in the room. Yeah.’ You know, it was great. Andrew and Danai, they’ve both been doing the show for a long time and they’re wonderful and very welcoming. Those kinds of scenes are very funny, especially on the channel that we’re on. You’re just trying to stop things from being seen, basically, so it’s all about camera angles and everything but then, unfortunately, Danai has got a sword that she’s pointing at me so I was more worried about where the sword was going than looking at anything! Like, ‘Please don’t blind me with the sword!’ I was really like, ‘This is my first episode? Okay, great.'”"

I’m looking forward to getting to know Jesus and his Hilltop community. If you watch the little video about Jesus on, the host says that much of the story is propelled forward for a while now by the introduction of new characters more than the death of characters and it’s through the Hilltop that we learn about Negan.

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So as comic readers or non-comic readers, the sense of what’s coming up in the rest of season 6 is intense and exciting. It’s almost too much. As if we can feel the huge “to be continued” coming for season 7 already and it’s only March. How will we ever make it until October?

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