The Walking Dead 611: Knots Untie live stream watch online

Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead, AMC
Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The zombie survival drama will continue on AMC’s The Walking Dead with episode 611, titled ‘Knots Untie.’ Here is how to stream the episode to watch online.

The Walking Dead has been surprising fans this season, with more drama, romance, heartbreak, and violence than fans have seen in a long time. That is one reason the next episode of the zombie survival drama is expected to be another solid installment in the show’s powerful sixth season.

Leaving off where 610 finished, a naked Michonne and Rick are face to face with Jesus, who snuck into their house. There is still much to learn about Jesus, including where he is living, who he is with, and what his community does.

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Hopefully, some of those questions and more will be answered on Sunday, when the popular television show continues telling the story of Rick Grimes and the group of survivors living in Alexandria. Our favorite zombie killers will be on hand to battle the undead horde and find out what other threats could be out there for the survivors.

Here is how you can watch the new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead along with some other information about the episode that will air:

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  • Episode Number:  611
  • Episode Name: “Knots Untie”
  • Date: Sunday, February 28, 2016
  • Start Time: 9/8c
  • TV Info: AMC
  • Director: Michael E. Satrazemis
  • Writer: Matthew Negrete & Channing Powell
  • Synopsis: “After Rick comes to the realization that Alexandria might not be as safe as he thought, decisions must be made about where to go.”
  • Live Stream: You can watch the latest episodes online at and iTunes as well as live stream on Sling TV, and the Spectrum App for Charter Spectrum customers.

The interesting part of this episode’s synopsis is that only now Rick is worried about the future and the safety of Alexandria. The community has already dealt with multiple threats, including humans (The Wolves) and the massive amount of undead which pushed over a tower, destroying one of the walls surrounding their home.

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Sunday’s episode is one that fans won’t want to miss. Hopefully, they can be near their televisions or streaming devices so that they don’t miss a moment of what is likely to be another intense installment in the great stories that AMC’s The Walking Dead continues to tell its viewers.