The Walking Dead 611: Knots Untie [recap and poll]

The Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC
The Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC /

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At the end of last week’s episode, Jesus wanted to talk. He had a rather awkward way of requesting a meeting, of course.

This week, the episode starts when Abraham and Sasha come in through the gates of Alexandria making small talk, which turns to Maggie’s pregnancy. Abraham appears lost in thought for a minute, then says he’ll see her tomorrow. Sasha tells him that she’s starting a new watch post shift, and that Eugene would be patrolling with Abraham from now on. Abe is a little surprised, disappointed even.

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In the next scene, Abraham is in bed with Rosita. She notices that he’s zoned out, but doesn’t know that he’s thinking about Sasha. He comes back to the present and kisses her. Rosita gets up, then gives him a necklace that she’d made out of a cracked brake light from the fuel truck. Before joining her in the shower, he once again has a flashback to the end of his conversation with Sasha.

Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead, AMC
Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene – The Walking Dead, AMC /

That night, and Maggie is setting up trellises to grow tomatoes. Glenn comes out and she explains what she’s doing. Glenn tries to reassure her that they’re okay when they see two people running inside the house across the street.

Carl comes across Jesus in their house, points a gun at him. He says he’s waiting for his mom and dad to get dressed and introduces himself. Rick comes out and says it’s okay. Daryl, Glenn and Abraham are there too, guns drawn.

It’s now morning, and Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Abraham, Maggie, Glenn and Jesus are in the kitchen. Jesus tells him that he knows (from his snooping around) that Alexandria is low on supplies. He says that he’d thought they were trouble, but now knows that they’re good people. After telling them a little about his community, he offers to take them there.

Maggie asks if when he said that he was looking for “more settlements,” that he meant that they were already trading with other groups. Jesus responds, “Your world’s about to get a whole lot bigger.”

Dr. Denise Cloyd and Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Dr. Denise Cloyd and Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Daryl’s packing the RV that they’re taking for the trip to Hilltop. Denise brings him a homemade oatcake, which he refuses. She tells him that he reminds her of someone she used to know. He takes it, but says he hopes it tastes better than it looks.

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Off to one side, Carl asks Rick if he’s sure, Rick says no. He says he was going to tell him about him and Michonne but it just happened last night. Carl is fine with it. He says he’ll stay back to keep Alexandria safe, and that a kid with a messed up face wouldn’t make the best first impression anyway. He takes Judith from Rick.

Abraham, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Rick and Michonne climb into the RV for the trip with Jesus to his town.

Abraham asks Glenn, in a round about way, if they’d gotten pregnant on purpose. Glenn says that it was something they’d talked about. Abraham says he’s shocked that anyone would “have the cojones” to do something like that. Glenn says that they’re trying to build something.

the-walking-dead-episode-611-rick-lincoln-5-935 /

Rick is driving, and reaches out to take Michonne’s hand. Almost immediately, they come to a crash that appears to have just happened. Jesus says it’s “one of ours.” A walker is pinned under, another inside of a burnt out vehicle. Jesus jumps out and looks around, Rick draws a gun on him, telling him it had better not be a trap. Jesus swears that it isn’t.

They go to a nearby building. Rick tells Jesus that he stays outside, handcuffed, and they’ll go in and look for his people, who may or may not be inside. Rick tells Maggie to shoot him if she hears Rick whistle. Maggie stays outside with Jesus with her gun drawn, while everyone else goes in.

Inside, they hear walkers, and they soon find some. They find people who claim to be “friends of Jesus,” and then more walkers. The group has split up to clear the building, and, having finished, they then all run back out to the RV.

Maggie and Glenn introduce themselves to Arlen, who had been an obstetrician. Jesus asks Freddy if he’s okay. Freddy had seen his wife, who had died “before all this,” and he’s visibly shaken.

The RV suddenly won’t go any farther, stuck in the mud on the road. Jesus tells him not to worry, because they’ve reached their destination: Hilltop. They all get out and walk toward the walls of the settlement.

the-walking-dead-episode-611-rick-lincoln-4-935 /

Everyone is a little antsy as they arrive at the gates, those guarding the gates and Rick’s group alike, even with Jesus and his friends standing there. Rick wants Gregory to come outside the walls and talk. Jesus tells the newcomers that they ran out of ammo months ago and that he’s letting them keep their guns, saying he trusts them. He tells them to trust his group as well. The gates are opened.

They walk into Hilltop. Arlen goes off to help his injured friend, thanking Maggie and Glenn again before walking away, telling them to come see him anytime. There are lots of FEMA trailers on the property, and one large mansion, Barrington House, that had once been a living history museum. Jesus said that they use the windows on the top floor to see for miles around the settlement.

Inside, it still looks like a museum, though Jesus says that most of the rooms have been converted to living spaces.

Jesus introduces Gregory, who says “I’m the boss.” Rick starts to talk about Alexandria, but Gregory cuts him off, telling them to get cleaned up, and doesn’t take no for an answer. He tells Rick, “It’s hard to keep this place clean.” Rick tells Maggie to clean up first and talk to Gregory.

Abe asks Daryl how long he thinks Rick and MIchonne have been together, but Daryl isn’t interested in guessing. Then Abe asks if Daryl ever thinks about settling down. Daryl looks perplexed for a minute, then asks, “You think she’d settle?”

Maggie goes into Gregory’s office, which has huge bookshelves built into the walls. He has forgotten her name and calls her Natalie. He gives her a less than professional look. Maggie sits down across from him on the antique furniture. She asks how they have survived there since the beginning.

Gregory asks about the crops, weapons, and infirmary supplies in Alexandria. Maggie is evasive, wants to talk about trading. He says that Jesus had told him their food situation was challenged, and they don’t have shit. He wants to let the people from Alexandria work there in exchange for giving them assistance.

Maggie tells him to stop coming onto her, and that she knows that Hilltop is low on ammunition and medication. She tells him their communities can help each other. Gregory dismisses her, calling her Natalie again and insisting that they’re doing fine.

They’re inside the mansion, and Jesus tells Rick’s group that he’ll talk to Gregory so they can work things out. He asks for a few days, which they agree to.

A man comes in suddenly, upset, and says “they’re back.”

Gregory - The Walking Dead, AMC
Gregory – The Walking Dead, AMC /

They all go outside and see a few people coming through the gates. Some are apparently dead, and Craig taken hostage. The man says it was Negan. He comes forward with a “message” for Gregory, and stabs him. The rest of them subdue him.

Suddenly things move very quickly as the Alexandrians try to help. Abraham is being choked, but wrestles free. Rick is in a chokehold next, with a knife to his throat, but Michonne distracts the man on top of him, and Rick ends up stabbing him in the throat. This doesn’t help relations between the two sides.

the-walking-dead-episode-611-rick-lincoln-2-935 /

The people of Hilltop are a little pissed at Rick and his group. Jesus runs and gets in the middle before things can get worse.

Jesus says that Ethan, presumably the dead man, had done this, and that it was over.

Jesus tells Rick to put the gun away, and to give him some time.

Arlen and Maggie check on Gregory. Daryl asks Abe, who’s still on the ground, if he’s okay. Abe confirms that he is.

Gregory is going to live. Rick asks Jesus about Negan. Jesus says that Negan is the leader of the group called the Saviors, and that they had shown up right after Hilltop’s walls had gone up. They’d met with Gregory on Negan’s behalf and made lots of demands and threats. They’d killed a 16 year old boy from their group right in front of them to demonstrate their strength. Gregory had made the deal with the Saviors – they give them ½ of all of their supplies, crops, livestock… everything. In exchange, the Saviors leave them alone. 

“You think she’d settle?”

Rick’s group isn’t impressed. Daryl asks that if they get their man back from Negan’s group and kill them, if they’ll “hook them up.” Daryl wants food, medicine, and a cow. Rick tells Jesus that their group doesn’t have trouble with confrontation. Jesus promises to ask Gregory.

Rick and his people are talking on an outdoor patio overlooking Hilltop. He thinks this arrangement is the answer. Maggie doesn’t look sure. She thinks that it’s going to cost them something.

Gregory wants to talk to Maggie, not Rick. Jesus apologizes in advance for Gregory. She goes into the bedroom where he’s recovering, and he starts complaining about his injury right away. He seems skeptical that they can take on Negan, and says he’s not even sure if Craig, their man, is worth the trouble.

Maggie says that if they give them supplies, they will save Craig and take care of Negan and the Saviors. Gregory continues to be as much of a jerk as possible. Maggie tells him that they want half of everything they have, or the deal’s off. Gregory agrees.

Rick asks one of the Hilltop members, who knows Negan’s compound, to come with them. Jesus asks to come back with them as well. Rick asks Michonne if she’s up for it. She says that it’s going to be a fight, but agrees that they’ll win.

IMG_20160229_005904 /

Before they leave, Arlen gives Maggie an ultrasound. They hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

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The SUV pulls away from Hilltop. Glenn hands Michonne the ultrasound picture. She smiles and hands it to Daryl, who hands it to Abraham. They all seem moved by it as they continue on the road back to Alexandria.

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