The Walking Dead: Who died in Knots Untie?

The Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC
The Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC /

In The Walking Dead season 6 episode 11, Rick Grimes and crew are introduced to the Hilltop community.

New character Paul “Jesus” Rovia brings the group to his home base and introduces them to Hilltop’s leader, Gregory. Although, I use the term “leader” loosely. It appears that Jesus is more of a leader to Hilltop than Gregory.

Gregory’s interpersonal and negotiating skills leave a lot to be desired. With that said, did Gregory’s poor personal skills result in any deaths this week? Well, you could make an argument that he is at least indirectly to blame for one death in episode 11. Let’s take a look at who and what we lost this week.

Off screen

On the way to the Hilltop community, the group sees an overturned vehicle with walkers stuck under and inside the car. Jesus recognizes the car from his group and sees that a couple of his neighbors did not survive.

Fearing that other members of his community are in the building next to the car, Jesus wants to go in and rescue any remaining survivors. Rick fears a trap and insists that their new “friend” stays outside while his own group surveys the building. Four Hilltop residents are rescued from the building, including one obstetrician named Harlan.

We also learn later in the episode that 2 Hilltoppers named Tim and Marsha were just killed by Negan’s group.

Close calls

During the rescue mission, Abraham almost kills Freddie, one of the Hilltop survivors, thinking first that he is a walker.

Abraham himself faces a near death experience himself during the bloody scuffle that goes down later that same day at Hilltop. He is being choked almost fatally when Daryl comes to his rescue.

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Now Ethan’s death can be tied indirectly to Gregory. Ethan returns with a group of other Hilltoppers after delivering “payment” of goods to Negan’s group. Accusing Gregory of sending a less than full load of goods, Negan keeps Ethan’s brother Craig hostage while Ethan delivers a “message” to Gregory. Said message begins with Ethan stabbing Gregory in the abdomen. Pandemonium breaks out.

Rick attacks Ethan for attacking Gregory. Ethan pins Rick to the ground. Rick responds with stabbing Ethan in the throat. Ethan does not survive the fatal stab.

Had Gregory not tried to shortchange Negan on the delivery of goods, Ethan may have lived and had the opportunity to actually get to know our merry band of fighters. But not so. Gregory tried to cheat on the delivery and Ethan paid the price.

Other losses worth mentioning

Gregory loses face in final negotiations with Maggie. She calls him on his dishonorable tactics. And she has the last word on the trading agreement. She and her group will fight Negan and rescue Craig in exchange for food.

Abraham loses his necklace that Rosita made for him while being wrestled to the ground. Will he notice that it’s gone? If not, is this a sign that Rosita is no longer the woman who means the most to him? I am guessing time will tell.

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Final count for S6E11: 1, Ethan

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