The Walking Dead: Who should be the next power couple?

Rick Grimes and Michonne holding hands - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes and Michonne holding hands - The Walking Dead, AMC /

There has been a lot of romance brewing on AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, but who should be the next power couple in Alexandria?

Fans of The Walking Dead got a pleasant surprise when two of the most popular characters on AMC’s zombie show formed a relationship. Rick Grimes and Michonne are not only popular, but they are two of the strongest and best developed individuals on the program.

But “Richonne” aren’t the only ones looking for love. Denise Cloyd and Tara Chambler are flirting back and forth and Abraham seems to be falling for Sasha while still being attached to Rosita. All the new love is great, but there isn’t a relationship that has been tested as much on the show as that of Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene, who have overcome all odds to remain together.

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Still, there is room for new love in the zombie apocalypse. With all the new characters being introduced on The Walking Dead, it’s easy to imagine more singles hooking up to take care of their physical needs or find love.

Curious about love on the program, Luke Handysides on Facebook sent in the following question to Undead Walking:

“Are there any other blossoming romances you’d like to see on the show?”

We passed this question along to our friends at The Walking Dead After Show on TheStream.TV to answer. Su Castillo, Timothy Michael, and Michael Tiberi break down each new episode of The Walking Dead and take a moment to answer a question that readers send in to Undead Walking’s Facebook or Twitter account. Here is the video with their answer from the official Stream.TV YouTube account:

Timothy Michael was all about a relationship between Carol and Daryl, but that hookup never happened and now it seems unlikely to happen. Even though they have some “chemistry and flirtiness” to help the cause, “Caryl” might not be in the works.

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Michael Tiberi says he’d rather not see a new relationship since nothing good seems to come from them on The Walking Dead. But, for now, he’s interested to see what is going to happen for Rick and Michonne in the future to see if he can stop the trend of bad things happening to lovers.

Su Castillo is the opposite of Mr. Tiberi and would like to see two new couples form. She likes the idea of Rosita and Spencer getting together or maybe even Rosita and Jesus. Su sure does like to see those good-looking people get together!

There are so many great combinations of characters out there for fans to daydream about. One of the most interesting combinations that was not mentioned by the folks at The Walking Dead After Show was Carol and Morgan. Since they say opposites attract, these two must have an insane amount of sexual tension built up that could help them understand each other’s point of view.

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What romances would you like to see happen on AMC’s The Walking Dead? Do you like any of the couples suggested above? Are there any current lovebirds that you’d like to see broken up? Discuss your opinions in the comments below and be sure to check out The Stream.TV for more great videos talking about the most popular shows on television.