The Walking Dead: Will Morgan object?

The Walking Dead promotional poster - AMC The Walking Dead Instagram
The Walking Dead promotional poster - AMC The Walking Dead Instagram /

The representatives of Alexandria have made a trade agreement with the Hilltop on The Walking Dead. Will Morgan have problems with bringing the fight to Negan?

In the trailer for next week’s episode, Rick Grimes is standing in front of the church like Father Rick giving a sermon. He’s presenting the situation from the deal that Maggie and the group worked out with Gregory and the Hilltop to go after Negan and the Saviors.

If Alexandria can help the Hilltop extricate themselves from this extortion deal with Negan and his Saviors, both groups will be free to begin an amicable trade relationship. The Hilltop is more agriculturally stable at this point and Alexandria has artillery and skilled warriors.

The faces on the people of Alexandria as Pastor Grimes preaches aren’t easy to read. It seems like they may understand Rick’s warnings about how these people will eventually come for them.

They just experienced a surprise attack by the Wolves that would have wiped them out if it weren’t for Carol and these new people. They’ve just broken through the shell of denial about the walkers and the safety of their luxury homes.

Rick has shed his Ricktator attitude and says it has to be a group decision, but what will he do if the group doesn’t agree? Now Rick turns into the Officiant of a wedding as he says a version of “speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Will anyone speak now? If anyone is going to speak up against the plan, it might be Morgan. Even though Morgan killed his W man, the Wolf had turned, he was a walker. Morgan hasn’t has a change of heart about killing.

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It has been 2 months since the big stand. Has Morgan figured out how he feels? Has he talked to anyone? Does he have any friends yet? Have Morgan and Carol just been avoiding each other?  Has Carol talked to Rick or Daryl about Morgan?

How might Morgan feel about living in a place where he benefits from the war and the killing? Can he live in Alexandria or perhaps relocate to Hilltop if he knows they are indirectly involved?

What is Morgan really afraid of? People are quick to say he’s a liability and he’s going to get himself and others killed. What does he really fear? He has killed before. Is he afraid that if he starts again, he will become the madman he was?

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Is he being selfish as Carol accused him of being? Is he just afraid of his own rabbit hole? Or does he fear there are rabbit holes out there for all of them if they are not careful. Maybe he needs to talk to Sasha and Michonne, or even Gabriel.

Is the group doing enough to help him? He’s afraid of being where he was in Clear. He’s not afraid of fixing the wrong meal for Sasha. Try to be realistic in your assessment before you automatically condemn him the way so many did little Sam.

Yes, it’s the apocalypse. Not everyone is prepared for or cut out for the apocalypse. But if only the ruthless will be left, why fight so hard to survive?

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My biggest fear for Morgan is that he may do something with potentially horrible consequences like try to warn Negan. Please Morgan, don’t do that! In the poster, we see Morgan on a horse. Do you think he leaves the group or gets exiled?

Well, Morgan, speak now, so we can understand what you think and try to work things out with you. Or forever hold your peace.