Fear the Walking Dead Special Feature: Stunts and Anarchy

Fear the Walking Dead Special Edition cover.
Fear the Walking Dead Special Edition cover. /

The Fear the Walking Dead Special Edition DVD and Blu-ray will hit the stores and Internet shops on March 22. We have a sneak peek of a bonus feature.

The bonus content is the highlight of the Special Edition of Fear the Walking Dead: Complete First Season. The DVD and Blu-ray sans bonus content is already available.

The bonus content includes audio commentaries on every episode, 5 deleted scenes, and 7 new featurettes to give fans a look at things behind the scenes. The Special Edition includes all 6 episodes of the first season on 2 discs with a new lenticular cover of Gloria.

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Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead premieres on April 10, 2016. The Special Edition DVD comes out just in time for fans who missed Fear to catch up before the start of season 2 and fans who loved it to be able to enjoy the episodes again with the commentary and special features.

This featurette explores a stunt from the very first episode of Fear the Walking Dead, the beginning. It’s how one of our protagonists discovers that something has happened and how we, the audience, are introduced to the world of Fear.

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The behind-the-scenes information is very cool, particularly the foam that is painted to replicate the street. I wish they would have asked Frank Dillane what it felt like to be pulled so quickly sideways like that for the stunt.

It looked quite jarring. It’s very interesting to see how they use different cameras in different places to get the shots needed to piece together to be able to get the full effect of what they want to create.

It’s very revealing from watching these types of featurettes how much work goes into scenes before filming. One small scene takes quite a bit of planning, preparation and work to create just the right results.

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There are 6 more featurettes on the Special Edition: Inside Fear the Walking Dead; Fear: The Beginning; Locations: LA and Vancouver; Five Things You Need To Survive; Quarantined; and The Faces of Fear the Infected.

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