The Walking Dead: TV show coloring book coming in September

Coloring book cover.
Coloring book cover. /

The Walking Dead comic is getting an adult coloring book soon. Now fans of the AMC TV show who are not comic readers can use their Crayolas, too.

Robert Kirkman’s comics are black and white and lend themselves to coloring as they stand. Recently, we learned that there will be an official adult coloring book for The Walking Dead comics to be released on May 10, 2016 from Skybound and Image comics.

It’s 96 pages of oversized comic awesomeness ready for a brand new box of Crayolas. Its listed at 14.95, but you’ll likely pick it up for a few dollars less than that.

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Adult coloring books are one of the latest crazes. It’s the Soduku of today. It’s supposed to be relieve stress; it’s no Flappy Bird. Unplug from your devices and channel your inner child. Who cares if there’s no scientific proof. It’s repetitive and relaxing.

Now Insight Editions has a book for those of us who don’t read the comics, but want to relieve stress The Walking Dead way, too. We can’t kill walkers, but we can color them!

"Filled with incredible line art inspired by the hit television show, this horrifying coloring book gives readers the opportunity to color their way through over eighty pages of memorable scenes and characters from The Walking Dead. Featuring fan-favorite characters, including Rick, Daryl, and Michonne; locations like Woodbury, Alexandria, and the prison; and hordes of flesh-chomping walkers, this coloring book offers a wealth of gloriously gory designs to color. Filled with frightening fun, The Walking Dead Coloring Book is the perfect gift for fans of the show. (Via Amazon)"

This 96 page coloring book doesn’t come out until September, but that’s just in time for season 7. It retails for 15.99, but comes in a few dollars less most places.

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The coloring books are great ideas for gifts. They would also be perfect for viewing parties or marathons! They would be perfect to keep the kids and teens busy. Now we need some great things to go along with Fear the Walking Dead.