Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 Part 12

Flight 462. Andrew, US Air Marshall.
Flight 462. Andrew, US Air Marshall. /

Flight 462 is cruising toward a crash landing into the middle of Fear the Walking Dead. Things are getting intense in part 12 of the web series.

We now know 2 characters who will not be joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead in season 2. Things are heating up in the air aboard Flight 462. It seems that the woman in the army jacket, Charlie, does know a little bit about the infected.

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She seems to be keeping her information to herself until it becomes important to reveal it in order to be helpful and not cause panic. We don’t know how or where she got her information or why she’s on this flight.

When the flight started Marcus was already bitten and sick. We don’t know how he was bitten that would have allowed him to go to the airport with his wife and board the plane. That would be fun to find out. I wonder what he thought was going on,

Who knows what he thought was wrong with the person who bit him and how he escaped from that infected person to patch himself up. Who knows why he didn’t tell he wife. Denial. Protection. Confusion.

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We have to remember to adjust when we go back to the Fear world that they don’t know anything. They are levels beyond more naive than any Alexandrian. They don’t even know what’s happening. They are even beyond the level of naive that Hershel was. Most of them haven’t ever seen a walker. They think there’s a flu going around.

Marcus, the puker, went in the bathroom and turned. Marcus, the infected, comes at his wife like a vampire. She is a goner. Beware passengers! She will turn! Our Air Marshal tries to handle the situation by calming everyone, getting them to sit down and shooting Marcus.

Marcus turns into a lesson from Shane. “Why’s it still coming?” Unfortunately, Marcus is not Louise Bush on a leash and Anthony is out of bullets.

Flight 462 is turning out to be a nice little adventure. We have 6 more parts to go. I don’t know how they plan to cross the flight into season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. I’m not sure if we’ll find out in the last part of Flight 462 or if it will happen somehow at some point as a surprise during the season.

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Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead starts in April 10, right after season 6 of The Walking Dead ends with 7 episodes before a break and then continues with 8 more later in the summer.