The Walking Dead: Should Abraham pick Sasha or Rosita?

Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa - The Walking Dead, AMC
Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa - The Walking Dead, AMC /

It’s been a while since there has been a love triangle on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Now, Abraham Ford will have to choose to stay with Rosita or go for Sasha.

Abraham Ford has a big decision on his hands. Since his character was introduced back in season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the lovely Rosita Espinosa has been by his side, helping him work his way through his breakdown on the road to Washington D.C. as well as fulfilling his physical needs.

Still, Abraham didn’t seem content with that situation. During season 6, the former sergeant made a pass at Sasha Williams while they were waiting for Daryl in an office building. This move surprised not only the fans of the zombie survival drama, but Sasha as well.

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This must have bothered Sasha a lot, because she changed to guard tower duty instead of patrolling with Abraham after they returned to Alexandria. Abraham would now do his patrols with Eugene instead, but an awkward goodbye between the two showed that there is something else going on between the two survivors that Sasha is hesitant to act upon.

On the other hand, Rosita seems devoted to Abraham. She made him jewelry out of a smashed tail light and constantly shares a bed with him. Yet, Abraham has yet to tell her about what happened on the road with Sasha and doesn’t appear to be doing so any time soon.

Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams - The Walking Dead, AMC
Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams – The Walking Dead, AMC /

So now, Abraham is at a crossroads. Should he choose to stay with Rosita even though he doesn’t seem happy, or should he leave her and try to start a relationship with Sasha? Sadly, these kind of situations come up all the time in the real world, but it gets more difficult when the there are only a small number of people to choose from to be in love with.

Relationships aren’t that complicated. If there is doubt in a relationship, odds are that there is a good reason for that. If Abraham isn’t going to be happy in a long-term situation with Rosita, he should move on. Even if Sasha continues to reject his advances, being single is better than being unhappy.

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Still, the question of why Abraham isn’t interested in being monogamous with Rosita is baffling. Rosita is a beautiful woman who obviously has major feelings for Abraham. Still, sometimes it’s time to move on, even if one person isn’t ready to break things off.

Of course, there’s always the option that Abraham was just looking for a little play on the side with Sasha, but recent episodes make it seem as though it is more than that for him. Their experiences seem to bounce off each other in a way unlike that of Rosita. Plus, double dipping in a walled-in community might not be the best idea, as keeping a secret in such a tight group might be very difficult.

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Who should Abraham Ford be with on The Walking Dead? Should he stick with Rosita and try to figure things out? Or should he leave her and continue to go after Sasha? Discuss it in the comments below!