The Walking Dead: Easter eggs aren’t necessarily spoilers

Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead, AMC
Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead, AMC /

While The Walking Dead makes some great nods to the comic book series, fans shouldn’t read too much into Easter eggs to guess what will happen next.

One of the best parts of watching AMC’s hit zombie survival drama is trying to figure out what will happen next to our favorite survivors. And while the The Walking Dead‘s comic book series can give fans a general idea of the direction the series is heading, it doesn’t always follow along with the events of the Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment source material.

There have been plenty of things that have thrown off fans in the past. Characters who are dead in the comics are alive in the show as well as the other way around. Locations change as well as things added or subtracted to make the show unique to fans that both read the comics and watch the television series.

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Still, fans are always trying to pick apart the show’s hints and put them together with the story that has already been told through the comics. However, The Walking Dead‘s creator Robert Kirkman thinks that people are trying to look into things that might not be there.

"“I would think if you’re not a comic book reader, the fact that that guy had a baseball bat to Glenn’s head at Terminus really has no additional meaning for you,” Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter. “Glenn is lined up just like the others. Don’t put too much weight on things like that that are Easter eggs for the core, devoted fan that we try to tip the hat to from time to time as a way of saying, ‘Hey, we know you guys are paying attention; we love you guys.'”"

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Of course, fans are paying attention. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television and viewers are going to pick the show apart for any hints of what could happen or nods to the comic book, novels, or other media. Still, Kirkman insists that there is nothing to be learned from the scenes that fans believe tease big upcoming moments on the show.

"“There’s nothing that can be gleaned from the various scenes you’ve seen. The road is always open, and the paths we choose hopefully are always going to be surprising. You may think that you can read into things, but I’m happy with the fact that you pretty much never can. So stay on your toes.”"

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For now, fans should just tune into AMC’s The Walking Dead each Sunday and enjoy the show. While it’s always fun to guess what will happen next, the hit show makes its living from sticking by the source material but changing a few things here and there to keep things fresh. And that is why both comic book fans and television purists can love AMC’s zombie program.