The Walking Dead: Will Negan be the season 6 cliffhanger?


Every season of The Walking Dead seems to end with a big cliffhanger to leave fans wondering what will happen next, but will season 6’s involve Negan?

By now, fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have already been bombarded by facts about Negan and The Saviors. Every single trip on social media, if you follow fan sites or other fans of the show, there are people talking about what is likely to happen when Negan finally makes his big appearance on the hit zombie survival drama.

Still, there is a lot that fans don’t know. With how much AMC changes things from the show and showrunner Scott M. Gimple promising some “hard left turns” in an interview on Entertainment Weekly’s website, it might not be safe to assume that things will follow along with the comic book series at all during the final episodes of the television show.

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For those fans of The Walking Dead who still haven’t heard the spoilers about what Negan does when he finally gets his hands on the people of Alexandria, this is your chance to leave here without reading the comic book spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.


In one of the most iconic scenes in Image Comics and Skybound’s The Walking Dead comic book series, Negan and some of The Saviors catch up to a vehicle with survivors from Alexandria inside. Specifically, Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath were the individuals that were forced to exit the vehicle and kneel on the ground after being told one of them would die.

Glenn and Lucille - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound
Glenn and Lucille – The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound /

Walking around Rick’s group, Negan started taunting them. He started playing a game of “eenie meanie miney moe” with the Alexandrians. He lands on Glenn, telling him that Lucille will be the end of him. Rick tries to talk Negan out of it, but Negan tells him that he has armed men watching and any attempt to stop him will result in all of them dying.

Negan hits Glenn with Lucille, popping his eye out of socket and crushing some of the bones in his skull. Negan enjoys his, and comments on the eye before laying one more smack into Glenn’s head, scattering his brains all over the ground.

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The big question to this point that has been asked online is this: Will it still be Glenn that gets the death? While that’s a great question, there is not any way to know. From this point, it could be almost anyone from the show (except Rick Grimes and Carl, of course). But the major question shouldn’t be who is the kill, but when will we find out.

Imagine this: The scene goes down similarly to as listed above, but Negan doesn’t taunt Glenn after selecting him. Instead, he immediately uses Lucille to do in the victim. However, fans don’t get to see who it is, as it is shot from the ground looking up at Negan as the screen fades to black and season 6 comes to an end.

That is the scenario posed by YaBoyPsycho on YouTube, which makes total sense for AMC’s The Walking Dead and would give fans plenty to talk about and discuss during the break between season 6 and season 7. However, there is also the concern for making fans wait too long to resolve issues. They already did the Glenn cliffhanger earlier in season 6 involving the fake-out dumpster death and it might be too soon to try something like that again.

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Still, there are many things that could either change from the comic book series or be added in to be completely new. While it’s fun to speculate what might happen, the showrunner at The Walking Dead‘s promise of a “hard left turn” still has many curious as to what the big change will be and how it will impact the show. Sadly, it appears as though everyone will have to wait until the season 6 finale to find out.