The Walking Dead: Jesus brings new memes

Jesus. Tom Payne. The Walking Dead. AMC
Jesus. Tom Payne. The Walking Dead. AMC /

AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead has always had great memes. With the introduction of the character of Jesus, the meme game has become even stronger.

The second half of season 6 has had a nice surge in memes thanks to Carl’s eye puns and Abraham’s Bisquick  metaphor along with the anticipation of Negan and Lucille.

Another boost for the meme game has been the introduction of Tom Payne as the character of Jesus. We have the nickname Jesus to work with to start, which makes things easy. The humorous chase in the field and Jesus steeling the truck were great targets for memers.

FB_IMG_1457903382018 /
Jesus meme.
Jesus meme. /
Jesus meme.
Jesus meme. /

And then there is the attractiveness of the actor. Mr. Payne is quite handsome and the idea that Daryl is either in love with Jesus as a new romance or bromance or jealous that Jesus will steal all of his fangirls is the subject of my favorite memes. They are cracking me up!

Jesus meme.
Jesus meme. /
Jesus meme.
Jesus meme. /
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What cracks me up even more is when I post any memes suggesting that Jesus will steal Daryl’s fangirls, the Daryl fangirls go crazy in the comments on Facebook or with Tweets making sure Daryl knows that they’ll never leave him.

StraightOuttaSomewhere (2)
StraightOuttaSomewhere (2) /

Tom Payne is having fun with fans on social media as well. Quite a few of the new cast members, in fact, are enjoying the warm Walking Dead family on social media. Xander Berkeley, Gregory, is quite entertaining. Tom retweeted this nice gif to support Jesus and Daryl.

Jesus is a great addition to the cast. He’s a fantastic character. He’s kind. A great negotiator. A fighter. Sensible. Funny. Quietly wise. He has become one of my favorite characters for his personality. His looks are secondary.

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As a fan his looks are a fun part of the fandom. I’m a quiet, reserved girl myself. But I’m having a blast with my Twitter peeps talking about fine Jesus. Of course I still love Daryl and Rick. Hey, all the people on The Walking Dead are beautiful people. Who are we kidding? Beautiful inside and out!