Walking Dead S06E13 Preview: ‘The Same Boat’

Walking Dead S06E13 Preview: 'The Same Boat' - Photo Credit : AMC / Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead S06E13 Preview: 'The Same Boat' - Photo Credit : AMC / Screencapped.net - Cass /

Governor Rick Grimes did what he needed to do last week. So what went wrong? Other people not following orders? Unnecessary changes of plan? The decision to bring Maggie at all? This is why Governor Philip preferred working alone.

Governor Grimes Was Always Inevitable

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If you’ve followed these previews for the past year you already saw Governor Rick as simple probability. An easy gamble. An easy sell. There were those who wanted to filter out such thoughts. Believing the water pure while it’s clearly seeping out of the faucet with a rusty shade.

Well no more, even on Talking Dead they asked “are they even the good guys anymore?” In the world of the post-apocalypse, there is still an idea of good and bad… But there are also limited resource realities. Feel good words drop table side when there’s no food. Gravity pulling them back down to Earth. No one wants to arrive home to an empty plate.

Philip was always simply a rival to Rick, not hero or villain. Put aside your feelings and look objectively at the matter. He accepted the necessities a community required to survive and now Rick is realizing the same notions. “It’s about survival now.”

All in the Details

The Governor was never dependent on others, adapting to his environment as need be. Others mere pawns in a larger game of chess on The Walking Dead.

They were loyal to The Governor, but it was a one way street. Rick is as loyal to his people as they are to him. When Carol decided to question Maggie on the perimeter last week, and Rick accepted her suggestion without dispute… It was the beginning of the end. A weakness presented itself, a flaw, a coffee stain on a finely detailed map.

If Carol wanted Maggie to stay home, she should have likely asked earlier. Calling an audible that late in the game put leverage against the group. Instead there they were at the 1 yard line, ready to go home and celebrate… Until a flag got called.

Walking Dead S06E13: The Last Boat Trailer

Tonight, we’ll find out what happens to Carol and Maggie on The Walking Dead as the group faces their consequences together.

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The actress at the end of the trailer sort of resembled Jessie, almost double take worthy. Bringing the question would the audience accept a twin character played by the same actor or actress on The Walking Dead?

Tune in to AMC tonight as the action of The Walking Dead’s Season 6 continues!

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