AMC Preacher schedule helps estimate Walking Dead dates


The announcement for the series premiere of Preacher on AMC helps fill in some of the questions about Fear The Walking Dead’s second season schedule.

AMC has announced a date for the series premiere of its new show Preacher, which will have a tie in to Fear The Walking Dead much like The Walking Dead did with Into The Borderlands in the past.

Preacher will make its premiere on Sunday, May 22 at 10 pm/9c. This will immediately follow Fear The Walking Dead‘s 7th episode of season 2. It will also push the episode of Talking Fear The Walking Dead back an hour just like what happened with the Into The Borderlands situation in the past.

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It is assumed that this is when the midseason break for AMC’s zombie companion series will happen. Fear The Walking Dead was renewed for a 15 episode season, with a break in the middle, and now it appears that break will happen between episode 7 and 8.

As with last year, it can also be assumed that AMC will want to lead into The Walking Dead‘s seventh season with the finale of Fear The Walking Dead airing the week before. And, because of the trend of start dates of The Walking Dead’s seasons, an estimation of the timeline can be made.

Here is a guess at how the timeline will go for AMC regarding their Sunday night primetime time slots:

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  • April 3: The Walking Dead season 6 finale*
  • April 10: Fear The Walking Dead season 2 premiere*
  • May 22: Fear The Walking Dead season 2 midseason finale, Preacher series premiere*
  • July 3: -no episodes as AMC doesn’t usually do July 4th weekend with new shows-
  • July 31: Preacher season 1 finale
  • August 7: Fear The Walking Dead season 2 midseason premiere
  • September 4: -no episode to celebrate labor day-
  • October 2: Fear The Walking Dead season 2 finale
  • October 9: The Walking Dead season 7 premiere

Keep in mind, all the dates above other than the ones with the asterisks are estimations. If The Walking Dead keeps with their tradition of The Walking Dead season premieres, they would likely want season 7 to start on October 16, meaning there would be another week in there without content, but thinking of another reason to push things back a week is difficult.

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Still, it can now be assumed from the announced Preacher series premiere date that Fear The Walking Dead’s second season will be divided up into two chunks, with the first session being 7 episodes and the second having 8 episodes, and the show will not be airing when Preacher is other than on May 22nd when Preacher gets a special time.