Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 promo: The Abyss

Fear the Walking Dead. Season 2 promo. AMC
Fear the Walking Dead. Season 2 promo. AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead returns for a second season on April 10th as soon as season 6 of The Walking Dead wraps up. The infected are taking over Los Angeles.

The lives of the Clark family, the Manawas, the Salazars, and Victor Strand have forever been altered. Los Angeles has gone dark. The infected have invaded. The Calvary was unprepared and ill-equipped and unsupported for a situation of this magnitude.

When we left our small group of survivors, they had fled to Victor Strand’s gated community for a temporary respite. It looked as though Victor was considering inviting his new friends for a trip on his yacht, Abigail, to take some time to make some plans.

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Many people have thought about getting on a boat as a possibility to escape the walkers in a zombie apocalypse. We’ll see how that might work in season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead this spring and summer.

Season 2 will have an intermission or midseason after 7 episodes and then it will continue with the final 8 to finish up the 15 episode season a little later in 2016. Take a look at another teaser for the second season.

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“Stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. It is alive. It is hungry. And it devours.” ~ Madison Clark (Kim Dickens)  

It looks like the infected make it out to Strand’s house. The person on the gate must be slacking; I don’t think they’re on the list. The infected look very fresh! It would be more difficult at the beginning to understand and distinguish and kill them.

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That was a point of frustration with many fans about Travis and some of the other characters and actions on Fear in season 1, but that might be something that takes the uninfected brain some time to accept. It did for Hershel.

It looks like we are in for more action and more zombies though, that’s for sure. Hopefully, we’ll get great Walking Dead brand character and story to go with our infected. And I hope to get some cool new names for the infected as well. I know Nick and Strand have some good names in them that are dying to come out.

There may be more survivors as well in that raft. We know that the plane from Flight 462 and one or more of its passengers or crew members may join our cast somehow. It appears that our group is getting more skilled. Madison’s little speech sounds a little like Carol.

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Stick with us at Undead Walking for your Fear the Walking Dead news. If you loved season 1, I’m sure you’re excited for April. If you were sour on it, sweeten up; give it a chance! Check with us in a few weeks for our Fear Special Edition Blu-ray giveaway. Don’t forget we get a Talking Dead every episode in season 2!

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