The Walking Dead: They’re tired and tired of it

Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and MaggieGreene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 13Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and MaggieGreene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 13Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The survivors on The Walking Dead have been through physical and emotional trauma for a sustained period of time now in this zombie hell. They’re tired and tired of it all.

So much of our time as observers and evaluators of the characters and the group is spent wondering who will die next, how would we react, and who is right and who is wrong.

Have they crossed the line? Have they gone too far? Can you maintain your humanity? Will compassion get you killed? What does it take to survive? Do you have to learn to kill? Must you bury your feelings?

We forget sometimes to look at the ordinary things. Hunger, boredom, fatigue. Those things can affect your emotional state and your decision-making as much as loneliness guilt and loss.

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An interesting thing about this little time jump is that the group has had some time not only to relax and reflect, but to forget how exhausting it is to fight. It takes energy. Physical, mental and spiritual energy.

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The group is now hungry, literally. They have to be hungry figuratively to maintain the stamina and energy to fight. If we take right and wrong completely out of the equation for a moment, they are tired. They are hungry and tired.

The things they’ve been through have drained them. Now they are trying to grow food, build walls, build a community-that’s draining. Boredom is draining. When they aren’t focused on survival, what do they have for fun or spiritual/heart sustenance.

If we take out human threats and just address living with the walker threat, forget about the question of if they’ve gone too far, killing walkers and just seeing walkers is spiritually toxic.

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They are trapped. No matter how much they take control of their situation with walls, weapons, crops, or community, the walkers still control their destiny. Even hope takes energy to maintain,

They are tired and they are tired of it all.

But they will come back.